Smiljan Radić's Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London

Iwan Baan,


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Chilean architect Smiljan Radić's Serpentine Gallery Pavilion has just opened in London.

Smiljan Radić's Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London

The semi-transparent structure in London’s Kensington Gardens that gives off amber light to attract attention at night is the new Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, a structure for hosting temporary summer events designed by Chilean architect Smiljan Radić.

The pavilion Smiljan Radić designed recalls the archaic shape of an enormous shell resting on big blocks of stone in the gardens of the Serpentine Gallery. It is also inspired by the tradition of romantic little constructions built in parks and gardens from the 16th to the 19th century. Made out of modern materials using a contemporary architectural vocabulary, the pavilion contrasts with the classical style of the nearby Serpentine Gallery.
The spiral shape invites visitors to go inside and participate in the structure and the events that take place in it throughout the summer, continuing until October.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Smiljan Radić
Location: London, UK
Images courtesy of Serpentine Galleries, ph. Iwan Baan, ph. John Offenbach