Ron Arad on exhibit in Turin

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From December 20 2013 to March 30 2014 Pinacoteca Agnelli in Turin features the works of artist, designer and architect Ron Arad. Art and design has made the iconic FIAT 500 into an element of visual communications.

Ron Arad on exhibit in Turin

In Reverse” is the title of the exhibition open for three months at Pinacoteca Agnelli in Turin. The container for art, design and architecture designed by Renzo Piano is now hosting this important visual project, first presented at the Design Museum in Holon, an iconic building designed by Ron Arad in Tel Aviv.

The artists explores how automobile bodies, and particularly the iconic FIAT 500, behave under compression. Arad has installed a series of works including: "Dried Flowers" (2013), six Fiat 500’s crushed and flattened to eliminate the sense of depth, and "Roddy Giacosa" (2013), a new sculpture created by positioning hundreds of bars of glossy steel on a metal structure to form the shape of a Fiat 500.

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