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French architect Dominique Perrault won the international competition held in July 2007 for revitalisation of the Tours du pont de Sèvres district.

Perrault, Tours du pont de Sèvres - Citylights
French architect Dominique Perraultwill infuse new life in the Tours du pont de Sèvres high-rise complex built by Daniel Badani and Pierre Roux-Dorlut before the end of 2012.

In 2011 the buildings were included in a territorial redevelopment plan including a facelift for the entire Pont de Sèvres development.

Architect Dominique Perrault maintains the rigid geometry of the existing towers, with a strong vertical orientation and horizontal rhythm in the volume.
The complex includes three buildings which are in turn made up of three hexagonal petals of different heights, covered with clear glass elements offering glimpses of a second skin made of silvery surfaces made of metal.
The double skin of the façade and a system of cold induction are some of the technical and technological solutions used to reduce energy consumption significantly while improving thermal comfort in the buildings.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Dominique Perrault
Location: Paris, France
Illustrations: ©DGID / DPA / Adagp, ©Infracom, ©RSI Studio / DPA / Adagp



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