Paredes Pedrosa arquitectos, Kid University in Gandía

Paredes Pedrosa arquitectos,

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Paredes Pedrosa’s plan for an experimental kindergarten in Gandia has won the international Fassa Bortolo prize for sustainable architecture.

Paredes Pedrosa arquitectos, Kid University in Gandía
The town of Gandia asked architects Angela García de Paredes and Ignacio Pedrosa, founders of studio Paredes Pedrosa arquitectos, for an experimental project: construction of a kindergarten in which classrooms and workshops are in direct contact with nature, stimulating the children’s creativity and learning.

The project was implemented in Ausias March Park, and the classrooms fit plastically among the mulberry trees to form a central courtyard with lobes. The courtyard is the heart of the project, linking together different classrooms and workshops and connecting open and closed spaces, while the deciduous trees provide natural control of sunlight as the seasons change.

On the outside, the building is closed in by a continuous façade opening up only at the door and a large window overlooking the old town centre. The façade and the roof are covered with white ceramic tiles: three-dimensional elements vaguely reminiscent of a bamboo fence, reflecting the strong sunlight to protect the interiors from high temperatures in summer.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architects: Paredes Pedrosa arquitectos (Angela García de Paredes, Ignacio Pedrosa), Álvaro Oliver, Álvaro Rábano, Lucía Guadalajara, Ángel Camacho, Laura Pacheco (Project team)
Location: Parque Ausías March, Gandía. Valencia - Spain
Photo credits: Luis Asín



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