Olivier Dwek’s S Apartment in Paris

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Interior design is a discipline Olivier Dwek approaches as a passion rather than a job. This approach may be seen in the design of Apartment S in Paris, in which he reveals a striking taste for luxury through use of truly innovative materials.

Olivier Dwek’s S Apartment in Paris

Olivier Dwek is an architect who knows a lot about designing luxury. His most recent project, Apartment S, is an exercise in style revealing his passion for interior decorating.

In this Paris apartment, the interiors are designed adding meter to their rhythm with details, combining different spaces, colours and materials. For example, the brushed aluminium dominating the entrance blends with the velvet sofas thanks to the moiré effect that gives it texture.

A sophisticated, contemporary but neutral style dominates throughout the house thanks to use of the colour grey, also found in the river gravel floor. According to Dwek, one of the major revolutions in modern architecture, evident in this particular home, involves the thickness of the window frames, now so thin as to be imperceptible and allow the house’s surroundings to flow into all the spaces inside.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2016
Location: Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Paris, France
Design: Dwek architects – Olivier Dwek
Photos: Courtesy of the architect



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