Oblò + Giulia Celentano + Alberto D'Asaro Chill-out pavilion


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Oblò - officina d'architettura designed a temporary pavilion in collaboration with architects Giulia Celentano and Alberto D'Asaro for the 2014 Rockavilla Festival.

Oblò + Giulia Celentano + Alberto D'Asaro Chill-out pavilion

Design collective Oblò - officina d'architettura (founded by Alessandro Benetti, Francesca Coden, Margherita Locatelli and Emanuele Romani) and architects Giulia Celentano and Alberto D'Asaro designed a temporary pavilion for the first Rockavilla Festival: the Chill-out pavilion.
The temporary pavilion on the grounds of Villa Sormani in Mariano Comense (Co), where the festival was held, was designed as an open-air lounge for the public incorporating two spaces: a round area 7 metres in diameter and an L-shaped area incorporating a number of existing elements in the garden and extending as far as the access road.

The project was implemented using only materials available on-site: linden, green and orange construction site netting, iron rods, chains of light bulbs, wooden spools and pallets, and in fact it was the availability of these materials that determined the architects’ composition and design.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Oblò - officina d'architettura, Giulia Celentano, Alberto D'Asaro
Location: Villa Sormani, Mariano Comense (Co) - Italy
Images courtesy of Oblò + Giulia Celentano + Alberto D'Asaro, ph.Alessandro Benetti


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