Norman Foster, Thames Hub

Norman Foster, Foster + Partners,


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Architect Norman Foster recently proposed a holistic approach to the problem of infrastructure development in the UK: the Thames Hub project resulting from the partnership of Foster + Partners, Halcrow and Volterra.

Norman Foster, Thames Hub
The Thames Hub studio presented by Norman Foster is built around a new infrastructure grid combining rail transport, energy, communications and data networks for the entire United Kingdom. The central element and "backbone" of the grid will be the Thames Hub project, which will maximise Britain?s trade links with the rest of the world with direct links to major European cities.

The proposal is a product of the collaboration between Foster + Partners and Halcrow and Volterra, and also includes creation of a new barrier to exploit the energy produced by the tides and protect London from flooding.

Architect Norman Foster underlined that the project is part of a global environmental management strategy aimed at minimising impact on the natural environment by creating habitats in new locations to compensate habitat loss for wild animals.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design:  Foster + Partners, Halcrow, Volterra
Illustrations: courtesy of Foster + Partners