Nomade Architettura Apartment in Viale Abruzzi

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Nomade Architettura of Milan revisits the past while keeping both feet firmly in the present, restoring and updating an apartment built in the '30s while maintaining traces of the past.

Nomade Architettura Apartment in Viale Abruzzi

A young couple asked Nomade Architettura of Milan to restore their apartment, built in the '30s. The clients wanted to update their home while leaving clear traces of the early 20th century.

No sooner said than done! While the white walls, lighting, colours and furnishings are definitely third millennium, the hexagonal floor tiles in the bathroom, round lights and ceiling decorations instantly take us back to the atmosphere of 80 years ago.

Practicality is an important consideration in any home, and here it is entirely contemporary. A number of divider walls were knocked down to create an open space including the kitchen, dining room and living room, creating the sense of breadth considered essential in any architectural project today.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2016
Project: Nomade Architettura e Interior Design
Photos: Gregory Abbate



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