Next Landmark 2014. Discover the finalists' names!

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Let's take a look at the finalists in the 3rd Next Landmark international, architecture and photography contest, promoted by Floornature.

Next Landmark 2014. Discover the finalists' names!

The panel of judges in the third edition of Next Landmark is at work. At 17:00 Italian time on June 27 the web site contest.floornature.com will publish the 3 contest winners. The prize for the top three will be a trip to Venice during the Architecture Biennale, and exhibition of their projects in the SpazioFMGperl'Architettura gallery in Milan and publication on the Floornature portal, LivegreenBlog and the principal social networks.

The contest held by Floornature has turned out to be very popular all over the world, with entries coming in from all over. Here are the names of the finalists in each contest category, in alphabetical order.

Next Landmark Of The Year.
The finalists in this section are, in alphabetical order:

AT103, Mexico
Berlanda Toma, Rwanda
Cordero Román, Mexico
Hitzig Fernando, Argentina
Ido Kenji, Japan
Mardones Gonzalo, Chile
Mazzanti Giancarlo, Colombia
Meney Noémie, France
Militello Leonardo Guido, Argentina
Mollinedo Sáenz Alfonso, Spain
Nagata Takeshi, Japan
Spadoni Massimiliano, Italy
Tsutsumi Risa, Japan
Vasumini Michele, Italy
Yamashita Yasuhiro, Japan

The finalists in the Research section, in alphabetical order, are:

AAIMM, Spain
Candido Fabio, Italy
Carlini Michela, Italy
Ciccolo Angelo, Italy
Cordero Román, Mexico
Del Carpio Torres Víctor Jesús, Peru
Di Perna Marco, Italy
Eremin Andrey, Russia
Evels Gianluca, Italy
Gioffrè Manuela Gaia, Italy
Mureddu Elena, Italy
Prestianni Laura, Italy
Rocha De Silvestre Tales, Brazil
Romano Filippo, Italy
Shuvra Dilruba Ferdous, Bangladesh
Spataro Salvatore, Italy

The finalists in the Photography section, in alphabetical order, are:

Acevedo Vargas Paola, Spain
Apollonio Mariela, Spain
Bakker Dirk, the Netherlands
Banzato Andrea, Italy
Candido Fabio, Italy
Della Beffa Carla, Italy
Faggian Susanna, Italy
Farina Massimiliano,Italy
Garriga Adrià, Spain
Giordano Gianluca, Italy
Kyriazis Apostolos, Greece
Molteni Maddalena, Italy
Solfaroli Camillocci Davide, Italy
Valdivieso Santiago, Chile
Yadav Vibhor, India

The winner in each category will be announced on June 27 2014 at 17:00 (Italian time) on the web site contest.floornature.com.