MVRDV & Cobe Ragnarock Rock Museum Denmark


Ossip van Duivenbode,


MVRDV and COBE designed a museum about rock music in Roskilde, Denmark. The museum is just the first part of the plan for creation of a whole neighbourhood about rock.

MVRDV & Cobe Ragnarock Rock Museum Denmark

In 2011, architectural studios MVRDV and COBE won a design competition for conversion of a number of old cement factories in Roskilde, Denmark, into "ROCKmagneten", a entire neighbourhood dedicated to rock music. The first step in this ambitious masterplan is Ragnarock, a museum about rock and pop music and the culture of music among the young, completed and opened in the spring of 2016.
Two more buildings are due to be constructed in the area: a secondary school and the seat of the Roskilde Rock Festival.
On the basis of the idea of architecture that incarnates rock music, the architects decided to clearly differentiate the new building from the existing ones. They preserved the "rough" character of the site, a post-industrial area frequented by skaters and artists. In this setting, the façade of the new building, made of gold-coloured anodised aluminium, clearly stands out.
A long red carpet and a bold overhang invite the public into the building, offering all visitors an entry worthy of a “rockstar”. Bright red is the colour characterising the interiors, recalling the red velvet lining of musical instrument cases. The museum also has an auditorium and a cafeteria, and will offer visitors a complete voyage through a rockstar’s life, forming the gateway to the new ROCKmagneten district.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: MVRDV + COBE
Location: Roskilde, Denmark

Images courtesy of MVRDV photo by Ossip van Duivenbode