Mario Radice: Architettura, numero, colore exhibition - MART


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Mario Radice’s paintings, photographs and architecture and design projects are compared with works by other artists and exhibited for the first time at MART.

Mario Radice: Architettura, numero, colore exhibition - MART

The exhibition “Mario Radice. Architettura, numero, colore ”, curated by Giovanni Marzari, represents the artist’s work through a chronological and biographical exhibition route. At the same time, it compares the exhibition’s core of works by his own hand (drawings and sketches for paintings, architectural and design projects) with works by architects and painters from the collections of MART and other Italian museums.

Starting with the artist’s first approaches to abstraction, the exhibition is arranged chronologically, by decade, up to the ’70s. Comparisons are made with the work of the artists involved with Galleria del Milione, artists from the Como area and other artists who addressed similar themes, such as Bruno Munari and Alberto Magnelli.

The partnership with architect Cesare Cattaneo, with whom he produced the Camerlata Fountain for the 6th Triennale in Milan, and the reconstruction of the bas-relief for the Sala del Direttorio in the Casa del Fascio in Como, designed by Giuseppe Terragni, are key themes in the exhibition, which concludes with an epilogue on Mario Radice’s artistic experience in the second half of the twentieth century.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Mario Radice: Architettura, numero, colore (Architecture, number, colour)
curated by Giovanni Marzari
Dates: February 15 – June 8 2014
Location: Mart, Rovereto (TR) Italy
Images courtesy of MART



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