Luigi Ghirri exhibition. Thinking in images - Icons Landscapes Architectures


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The anthological exhibition of the work of photographer Luigi Ghirri at Maxxi in Rome is a voyage of discovery of his artistic career and modus operandi.

Luigi Ghirri exhibition. Thinking in images - Icons Landscapes Architectures
The exhibition organised in partnership by Maxxi, the City of Reggio Emilia and Panizzi Library represents the complex figure of photographer Luigi Ghirri. The title "Thinking in images" is taken from the photographer?s statement that the meaning of his work was "like thinking in images".

Divided into three theme areas: Icons, Landscapes, and Architectures, the 300 or more photographs on exhibit allow visitors to look back over Ghirri?s artistic career and work, and the fact that they are organised by theme rather than in chronological order reflects the photographer?s attitude toward photography, which he saw as a continual work in progress.

The photographs in the first section represent a survey of everyday places, identifying "icons" of the contemporary world and coming up with a new vocabulary. These icons reappear in the "landscapes" but with broader horizons; Ghirri was an innovator in the landscape photography of the '80s.
The last section of the exhibition focuses on Architecture, including both anonymous constructions and projects by great architects, portrayed in images of solemn lightness in which Ghirri reflects on the interaction between architecture and green spaces.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Luigi Ghirri - Pensare per immagini - Icone Paesaggi Architetture (Thinking in images - Icons Landscapes Architectures)
Curators Francesca Fabiani, Laura Gasparini, Giuliano Sergio.
Dates: April 24 ? October 27 2013
Location: Maxxi, Rome - Italy
Images: courtesy of Fototeca Biblioteca Panizzi, Reggio Emilia © Eredi Ghirri