London Studio RHE transforms a historic building into Alphabeta


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Studio Rhe renovated a historic building in Finsbury Square, between Shoreditch and the City, transforming it into a dynamic, contemporary workspace named Alphabeta.

London Studio RHE transforms a historic building into Alphabeta

Alphabeta is the name of a project by Studio Rhe in London, between Shoreditch and the City, London’s financial district. The architects worked in Finsbury Square on a project involving complete renovation of three separate buildings constructed between 1910 and 1930, joined together to form Triton Court in 1980. Needing to create offices and workspaces for companies operating in the fields of media, technology and finance, the architects identified the priority as designing dynamic, contemporary workspaces incorporating social gathering places.
The heart of the composition is the foyer, an open space nine floors high with an all-glass roof. The foyer encourages social interaction among the building’s users, with informal gathering places on the ground floor such as a library area, a coffee shop and a basketball court; the meeting rooms on the east and west sides of the upper levels are made entirely of glass, jutting out over the void.
A glass ramp adds motion to the foyer, an architectural solution that encourages use of the bicycle as a means of transportation . From the entrance at street level, cyclists can go directly into the building and access a bicycle parking area in the basement.
The architects eliminated the additions on the roof that conflicted with the building’s historical roofline, and created new patios with views of the London skyline.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Studio RHE
Location: London, UK

Images courtesy of Studio RHE, photo ©Hufton + Crow