Kai Design’s Trade Union

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A complex system is one which, even if made up of numerous heterogeneous elements, manages to maintain consistency and intrinsic relationships, as in Kai Design’s Trade Union project.

Kai Design’s Trade Union

Trade Union is a London location combining a cocktail bar, a florist, a restaurant, a pizzeria, a barber, a photographer, night spots and more. The difficult task of establishing continuity in the space while maintaining the particular identity of each of the businesses it contains went to London studio Kai Design, which draw on the futuristic imagery of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis as a univocal reference.

And so, in a vaguely steam punk, robotic atmosphere, we have Art Deco and industrial design, neon lights and bubbles of colour, concrete girders and wooden furnishings, leather trim and even a slide. The designers’ and the client’s goal was to create a theme park for adults. Mission completed!

Francesco Cibati

Location: London
Year: 2016
Design: Kai Design - http://www.kaidesign.co.uk/
Photos: Kapranos PR and David Dinis

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