huggenbergerfries Form Follows Fiction exhibition in Berlin


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Architecture designed by the huggenbergerfries studio in Zurich is on show at the Architektur Galerie Berlin from 6th July. The exhibition highlights its relationship with its setting.

huggenbergerfries Form Follows Fiction exhibition in Berlin

The title of the exhibition " Form Follows Fiction " is the motto that links the projects selected for the exhibition and considered the best representatives of the approach of the huggenbergerfries studio to architecture. The studio was founded in 2000 in Zurich by architects Adrian Berger, Erika Fries and Lukas Huggenberger.

The three projects selected for the exhibition are the Limmat Tower (Dietikon, 2016), the Heerbrugg cantonal school (2014), and the new Solaris residential building (Zurich, 2017). These are very different architectures of scale, but represent an identical modus operandi, which inextricably links architecture to its local setting. The projects exist only because they are linked to a precise context of reference and could not exist anywhere else.
This approach has also been followed for the exhibition at the Architektur Galerie Berlin. The architects have created an exhibition display in the gallery spaces that focuses on a comparison between the three projects, exploiting the features of the space and its relationship with the street. They are presented through a series of models that create an urban area in the gallery with completely white volumes that can be immediately compared and contrasted. The exhibition also contains 3D videos that allow the public to experiment in virtual reality with rooms, surfaces, colours and shades.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: huggenbergerfries Form Follows Fiction
Date: 7th July – 19th August 2017
Place: Architektur Galerie Berlin, Berlin - Germany

Images courtesy of Architektur Galerie Berlin, photo by Beat Bühler