Found in Translation: Palladio – Jefferson exhibition

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The popularity of Palladio’s work and his influence on American architecture are documented through the lens of Filippo Romano in the exhibition underway at CCA in Montréal.

Found in Translation: Palladio – Jefferson exhibition

Centre Canadien d'Architecture (CCA) in Montréal hosts an exhibition focusing on the recent work of architecture photographer Filippo Romano, whose photographs document the influence of the work of Andrea Palladio on North American architecture thanks to the popularity of his famous treatise, The Four Books on Architecture.

The exhibition starts with photographs of Palladio’s famous villas, built in Veneto in the 16th century, and continues with the photographer’s shots of North American buildings designed by architect and US president Thomas Jefferson.
Jefferson’s buildings offer a concrete example of Palladio’s influence on American architecture. Through his photography, Filippo Romano focuses on what the two architects’ works have in common and investigates how architectural principles can be handed down over time and on different continents.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: “Found in Translation”: Palladio – Jefferson
Dates: October 8 2014 – February 15 2015
Location: CCA, Montréal Canada

Images courtesy of CCA – ph. Filippo Romano



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