Foster + Partners, Vieux Port Marsiglia pavilion, France

Foster + Partners,

Marseille, France,

Pavilions, Sport & Wellness,

Foster + Partners built the Vieux Port pavilion for the events celebrating Marseilles, European Cultural Capital in 2013.

Foster + Partners, Vieux Port Marsiglia pavilion, France

Foster + Partners’ Vieux Port pavilion is a slender steel structure consisting of 8 tall, thin pillars with reflective surfaces resting on them.
The conical edges of the surfaces reduce the visual thickness of the roof’s mirror finish, which reflects everything that happens below it. Public space is dilated, with significant visual impact.

The installation stands in the eastern part of the old port of Marseilles, and is open on all 4 sides to serve as a meeting-place for events, markets, and initiatives held to celebrate the city of Marseilles’ status as European Cultural Capital in 2013.
The architects wanted to give the wharfs a new role and reconnect the port with the city. The pavilion is in fact part of a masterplan Foster + Partners is currently working on for redevelopment of the Marseilles waterfront and extension of the pedestrian zone right down to the sea.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Foster + Partners
Location: Marseilles, France
Images courtesy of Foster + Partners



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