Foster + Partners Kuwait International Airport

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Foster + Partners has revealed its plan for Kuwait airport. The stuiod’s design choices are determined by the need to provide the construction with firm local roots, drawing inspiration from local forms and materials, and the requirements dictated by particular environmental conditions.

Foster + Partners Kuwait International Airport

Kuwait international airport, designed by Foster + Partners, will have a central terminal designed to obtain LEED "gold" certification and become the first in the world in terms of the level of comfort available to passengers.

The 25 metre high central construction will be surrounded by the three symmetrical wings of the boarding gates, making the airport look like a huge clover leaf.

The building will have a single roof in a soft shape inspired by the contrast between the solidity of stone and the organic shapes of typical Kuwaiti boats. Big windows will filter light to avoid direct sunlight.
The project by the architects in the Foster + Partners team is extremely flexible, built to handle 13 million passengers a year for now and with the capacity for expansion to handle up to 25 million passengers and further expansion for up to 50 million.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Foster + Partners team
Location: Kuwait
Illustrations: courtesy of Foster + Partners team