Floornature Blue Party in Venice

Frits Van Dongen, Luca Molinari, Paolo Schianchi,

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The church of Patronato Leone XIII, very close to the gardens of the Biennale, site of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, was the venue for Blue Party, the final event of the Next Landmark international contest organised by Floornature.

Floornature Blue Party in Venice<br />

A long blue carpet was rolled out, inviting visitors to enter the Patronato Leone XIII; this venue was not an arbitrary choice for an event targeting young people, the rising stars in the field of architecture, and it was envisioned by another group of young people – the students from the “Integrated Communications and Design” course of IUSVE (Venice campus of the Salesian Pontifical University) – who worked closely with the Floornature staff to plan and organise the event down to the last detail. 
The Next Landmark international contest launched by Floornature was open to projects that combined the use of innovative building materials and techniques, with a focus on eco-sustainability.
The jury appreciated the fact that the contest themes embraced by the competing projects were tied to architectural solutions tackling social problems and needs, as Mariano Diotto, member of the jury and Dean of the STC programme at IUSVE stressed in his address.
The suggestive deconsecrated church of Patronato Leone XIII was selected as the venue for the exhibition and the members of the international jury addressed the public prior to the ceremony to award the winners.
Luca Molinari, architecture historian and critic presented and coordinated the other members’ speeches: Frits Van Dongen from de Architekten CIE., Nicola Leonardi editor-in-chief of The Plan, Gianluca Peluffo from 5+1AA, Mariano Diotto from IUSVE, Graziano Verdi Chairman and CEO of GranitiFiandre & Iris Group, and Paolo Schianchi managing editor of Floornature.com.


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