Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi for The Architects Series - A documentary on: Park Associati

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After the pause imposed by the pandemic "The Architects Series", the docufilm series created by The Plan magazine for the Iris Ceramica Group, is finally returning. On June 10, the Park Associati Italian studio, founded by architects Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, will be the protagonist of the first appointment of 2021. The seminar will begin at 6:00 pm and will be streamed live from the Iris Ceramica Group’s showroom in Milan. Participants can follow the event on the Iris Ceramica Group’s digital platform.

Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi for The Architects Series - A documentary on: Park Associati

Starting on June 10, after the long pause imposed by the pandemic, The Architects Series is back: the series of docufilms created by The Plan magazine for the Iris Ceramica Group.
The Architects Series - A documentary on: Park Associati will be the first appointment of 2021, the 16th episode of the Series that takes viewers “behind the scenes” to get a close look at some of the most important architectural firms in the world, discovering their modus operandi and their key projects currently in development. The 2021 event opens with an important new feature: it will take place in digital format, but with the direct involvement of guests in the Flagship Stores of the Iris Ceramica Group located in Milan, London and Berlin. The public, on the other hand, will be able to follow the events live by registering on the Iris Ceramica’s digital platform.
The old formula of the webinar, however, remains unchanged. The event will begin with the projection of the 30 minute video-documentary shot directly in the Park Associati studio, followed by the “Design Beyond Scale” lecture, held by the Studio’s founding architects, Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi. The two architects will share their vision of the world of architecture taking cues from some key words: listening, intuition and experimentation.
The new format will be kicked off by the Iris Ceramica Group showroom in Milan, which opened its doors to the public in autumn 2020 in an elegant corner building located between Via Santa Margherita and the private Via Farine, in a very popular area of the city that extends from the Duomo to Piazza Cordusio.

Park Associati was founded in Milan in 2000 by architects Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi. Today, the Studio has grown to 60 collaborators and is organised in a number of specialised areas: an internal division, Park Plus, dedicated to research to support the architects' design work; the Park Lab focused on the creation of models and prototypes; the material library where the samples of the materials are stored, a physical database from which the architects and designers can draw stimuli and creative ideas for current and future projects through the direct and perceptive contact with the material; and finally the Park Hub, a space originally opened in 2017 dedicated to exhibitions, meetings and lectures aimed at the city and its inhabitants.
The projects completed by the Studio, both in Italy and internationally, cover a range of different areas and types of interventions: headquarters, hybrid residential buildings, multifunctional retail spaces and even itinerant restaurants such as "The Cube" presented in Floornature or urban scale projects such as “Catania guarda il mare”, the waterfront redevelopment project of the city of Catania, in Sicily, presented as part of the “Resilient Communities” exhibition hosted by the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Some of the Studio’s key projects are those focused to the redevelopment and recovery of post-war buildings. A practice defined as "retrofitting" that extends the concept of restoration or renovation placing energy, economic and social sustainability at the very centre of the project to help recover and adapt disused or abandoned buildings and urban spaces to the market and to contemporary norms. Complex interventions that also transform the volume of the pre-existing building, completely renewing its image, as in the case of the project carried out for the Engie Italia company, intervention that is part of the broader reconversion program of Milan's Bicocca district.

(Agnese Bifulco)

To participate in The Architects Series – A documentary on: Park Associati webinar, please register using the following link:

Thursday, June 10, 2021
6:00 pm - Welcome and screening of the video-documentary
“The Architects Series – A documentary on: Park Associati”
6:45 pm - Lecture: “Design Beyond Scale” with Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi.
7:30 pm - Q&A Session
8:00 pm - Closing remarks and conclusion

Participation entitles architects to 2 professional training credits.
The course is under approval by AIA CES-USA and RIBA CPD-UK for learning units recognition and under approval by CNACPP for accreditation 2 CFP, Crediti Formativi Professionali - Italy only.

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