Fiandre and Zanutta SpA for the Friuli School of Mosaic

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The chimney flue at the Friuli School of Mosaic has become a significant urban landmark: a gigantic mosaic sculpture by artist Giulio Candussio created with the students at the school, with the support of Iris Ceramica Group brand Fiandre and partner Zanutta SpA.

Fiandre and Zanutta SpA for the Friuli School of Mosaic

Iris Ceramica group brand Fiandre and local partner Zanutta SpA donated materials for the renovation of the Friuli School of Mosaic in Spilimbergo. The white porcelain made by the Castellarano company was used to create a big mosaic covering the chimney flue in the school garden. “Paesaggio Urbano” or “Urban Landscape” is a sculpture designed by expert mosaic artist and art designer Giulio Candussio and created by six graduates of the Friuli School of Mosaic (Claudia Corbi, Chiara D’Alfonso, Lidio Dulaj, Daniele Filesi, Valeria Manzo and Francesca Meo) with a pupil from the advanced course, Denise Toson.
The work was created under the “Start Up Mosaico 2018” project, a partnership between the school and Fondazione Friuli intended to renew the school’s partnerships with numerous industries in the region and underline mosaic’s potential for architecture and design.

The renovation of the interior and exterior of the Friuli School of Mosaic is being implemented in stages, permitting step by step involvement of all the staff in the school, on the basis of their individual skills, with the assistance of pupils in all the school’s programmes. The overall plan involves renewal of the decorative and functional solutions present in the school, where mosaic has traditionally been used in relation to Architecture and as an urban landmark. As in the case of the covering on the outdoor staircase of the fire escape and the chimney stack, these initiatives allow students to experience the reality of a true construction site, while at the same time allowing the Friuli Mosaic School to get across an important message about mosaics, interpreted in terms of the vibrant skin of large floor surfaces and as an original contamination of spaces and three-dimensional elements.

The chimney stack in the garden of the Friuli School of Mosaic is a functional structure which the mosaicists have transformed into a sculpture 12.80 m high x 2 m wide and 90 cm thick, covering it with a luminous white ceramic skin of Fiandre porcelain. Shapes 9 and 7 metres tall representing the outlines of two pairs of trees, made using the mosaicist’s traditional materials, Venetian enamels and gold, have been installed on the structure of the white sculpture.
The trees extend their leaves and branches up towards the heavens, and on one side of the sculpture the two silhouettes appear in the colours of daylight, while on the other they appear in the colours of the night, lit up by what appears to be cold moonlight. In the sunshine, the sculptural structure creates a variety of light effects and casts its shadows on the bright white surfaces of the Fiandre ceramic. When lit up by artificial light at night, the sculptural structure seems to rise out of the earth. Master mosaicist Giulio Candussio explains in the video presenting the project that the work encourages dialogue between mosaics and architecture and combines innovation and research with experimentation with different adhesives and materials. The work incorporates conventional mosaic materials such as vitreous enamels with new materials such as the highly advanced, high-tech white surfaces of FIANDRE and laser-cut stainless steel. The unusual result thus created soon became a new urban landmark, appreciated by the public and admired in the exhibition “MOSAICO&MOSAICI 2018. Selection of works by pupils in the 2017/2018 academic year”, opened on July 27.

(Agnese Bifulco)

FRIULI SCHOOL OF MOSAIChttp://scuolamosaicistifriuli.it

  Designer: GIULIO CANDUSSIO http://www.giuliocandussio.com

  Partner: ZANUTTA SPA https://www.zanuttaspa.it


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