Dubai Mall: Expansion in 2015.

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Dubai, Singapore,

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DP Architects of Singapore designed the Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest shopping centre since 2008, and have also designed an expansion destined to increase its capacity to 100 million visitors by the end of 2015.

Dubai Mall: Expansion in 2015.

DP Architects of Singapore, a big multidisciplinary studio that works all over the world, has planned an expansion for Dubai Mall.
The shopping centre the architects built in 2008 is a city in itself, including all kinds of facilities for social life in a true “urban experience”. The success of the formula is demonstrated by the growing number of visitors it attracts: with more than 85 million visitors in 2012, Dubai Mall is now one of the most popular tourist attractions on earth.

The DPA design team started out with the concept of “micro-urbanism” as a stage for contemporary life, defined as a network of physical and social relationships for which Dubai Mall provides the backdrop.
By December 2015 the mall will have an additional 92,900 square metres of space, designed to improve the sensorial and emotional experience for visitors from all over the world.

(Christiane Bürklein)

Design: DP Architects, www.dpa.sg.com
Location: Dubai, UAE
Photos: Courtesy of DP Architects


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