Dock House by mar.s Architects

Mar.S Architects,

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Czech studio mar.s Architects redesigned the interiors of restaurant “Dock House”, in Prague. Its interiors, that recalled those of a ship, now have their feet well on the ground.

Dock House by mar.s Architects

Dock House is a famous steak house in Prague, also known for its peculiar interiors, that recall the hold of an ancient galleon. In 2016, the owners decided that the look of their restaurant needed a major change, and entrusted the design of new interiors to Czech studio mar.s Architects.

The beams of the ceiling are the only part of the original “boat” interiors that we can still see today. Moreover, the restaurant was entirely repainted: the wood and red colours typical of the brand no longer dominate the scene, as they were replaced by more neutral colours, such as white for the walls and the ceiling, and dark grey for the flooring. The new oak furniture wooden elements stand out thanks to these chromatic choices. The only warm colour in the restaurant is the gold of the pendant lamps. 

The front wall decoration, by Jakub Serval, refers to the origin of the steaks in the menu. A further touch of style is given by the transparent dry ager, that is very eye-catching thanks to its rustic and contemporary look. Today, Dock House no longer looks like an ancient ship, but it is far more consistent with its menu and the modern Prague

Francesco Cibati

Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2016
Surface: 65mq
Design: mars.s architects – www.marsarchitects.cz
Photos: BoysPlayNice – Jakub Skokan & Martin Tůma – www.boysplaynice.com


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