Nejen Bistro by Mar.s Architects

Mar.S Architects,

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The Czech Mar.s architecture studio has redeveloped a restaurant in the Karlìn area of Prague after the flooding of 2002, transforming it into the Nejen Bistro, an open-space restaurant full of light and freshness.

Nejen Bistro by Mar.s Architects

Nejen Bistro is a new restaurant created by the Czech architecture studio Mar.s in the Karlìn area of Prague. In 2002 the area was hit by flooding that affected many buildings. The walls ruined by water have been cleaned and preserved with exposed brickwork, while other parts of the restaurant have been covered in plaster and tiles with geometric shapes.

The whole restaurant is bathed in light: large windows are placed at intervals along the white-painted walls, together with wood and extravagant lamps in warm, vibrant colours. Nejen Bistro offers a simple, fresh menu based on seasonal ingredients and, like its menu, the interiors are clean and free from unnecessary additions.

The central point of the Nejen Bistro interior, explain the architects, is the connection between the dining room and the kitchen: this forms a single area where everyone who enters, chefs and restaurant staff, can see each other and nothing is hidden.

Francesco Cibati

Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2016
Architects: mar.s www.marsarchitects.cz
Photos: Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice www.boysplaynice.com


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