Discords: Norwegian Architecture 1945–65

Frank Lloyd Wright,

Oslo, Norway, Oslo,

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The National Museum of Norway’s architecture collections are on display for the first time in new premises expanded and renovated by Sverre Fehn in 2008.

Discords: Norwegian Architecture 1945–65 The exhibition scheduled at the National Architecture Museum in Oslo focuses on a number of neglected aspects of modern Norwegian architecture right after the second world war. Since the museum moved to its new premises, expanded and renovated by Sverre Fehn in 2008, it is the first exhibition to feature the museum’s own architecture collection, including works by important Norwegian architects such as: Arne Korsmo, Knut Knutsen, Erling Viksj?, Christian Norberg-Schulz e Sverre Fehn. The exhibition and the catalogue present a variety of different trends that may all be interpreted as adaptations or revisions of the modernist ideologies of the years between the two world wars. They also focus on a number of themes including design for the media, landscape and nature, modernism and history, space and experimentation.

by Agnese Bifulco

Exhibition: Discords: Norwegian Architecture 1945–65
Location: Oslo, Norway
Dates: November 14 2010 – April 3 2011



Erling Viksj?, Hybelhus for Stortingsmenn (1954)
Photo: Teigen / Nasjonalmuseet
Christian Norberg-Schulz, Italiesin, eget sommerhus i Porto Ercole, Italia (1960–61). Fra terrassen med utsikt over Middelhavet.
Photo: Christian Norberg-Schulz / Nasjonalmuseet
Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West, Arizona (1937–59).
Photo: H?kon Mjelva / Nasjonalmuseet
Blakstad og Munthe-Kaas, KATEDRAL, (1947). Konkurranseutkast, Bod? kirke.
Photo: Nasjonalmuseet
Knut Knutsen, Holmen kirke, Asker (1958-65). Avfotografert modell.
Photo: Teigen / Nasjonalmuseet
Erling Viksj?, g?rd i g?rd, (1951). Konkurranseutkast, r?dhus i Bergen.
Photo: Bergen byarkiv.
Geir Grung, Eget hus p? Jongskollen, B?rum (1961–63).
Photo: Johan Brun / Nasjonalmuseet
Sverre Fehn, 58, (1956). Konkurranseutkast, Norges paviljong p? verdensutstillingen i Brussel.
Photo: Nasjonalmuseet.
Knut Knutsen, Eget sommerhus, Port?r i Krager? (1949).
Photo: Teigen / Nasjonalmuseet
Helge Hjertholm, 30303, (1961). Konkurranseutkast, Evangelisk-luthersk kirke i moderne boligkvarter.
Photo: Nasjonalmuseet
Jan Inge Hovig, Tromsdalen kirke (1966).
Photo: Teigen / Nasjonalmuseet
Eliassen og Lambertz-Nilssen, Norsk sj?fartsmuseum (1952–61).
Photo: Bj?rn Winsnes / Nasjonalmuseet


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