Nordic-Office of Architecture Oslo Airport Extension

Nordic-Office of Architecture,

Knut Ramstad, Ivan Brodey, Dag Spant,

Oslo, Oslo, Norway,


The Nordic-Office of Architecture studio has designed the Oslo airport extension, doubling the surface area and preserving the rationalist style of the existing building. The project saw the first airport building in the world being awarded an ‘Excellent’ rating under BREEAM certification. Its innovations include using snow for cooling.

Nordic-Office of Architecture Oslo Airport Extension

The design for the extension of Oslo Airport by the Norwegian studio Nordic-Office of Architecture, has set new standards for airport sustainability. It is the first airport in the world to receive an "Excellent" rating under BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification, a result achieved through a great deal of attention to material that respected the environment.

TheNordic-Office of Architecture has reduced the building’s CO2 emissions by 35% and has saved over 50% of energy compared to the existing terminal. The architects have tried to maximise every availableresource” for example, snow that falls on the runways in winter has been used for cooling during the summer. The architects of the Nordic-Office of Architecture have also chosen to preserve the rational simplicity of the existing airport, designed in 1998, introducing design solutions to improve the passenger experience. One example is the use of large windows, like the panoramic windows at the northern extremity of the building that offer an atmospheric view of the surrounding landscape and maximise natural light. The surroundings are also reflected in passenger relaxation areas and lounges, to which the architects have given organic shapes inspired by the Norwegian landscape.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architects: Nordic-Office of Architecture
Location: Oslo, Norway

Images courtesy of Nordic-Office of Architecture, photos by: Ivan Brodey, Knut Ramstad and Dag Spant