A-Lab, Statoil regional and international offices

a-lab (Arkitekturlaboratoriet AS),

Ivan Brodey,


Landscape, Sport & Wellness,


An iconic building suggesting the meeting between public and commercial spaces in Norway, the land of democratic design. The project represents typically Scandinavian values despite its unconventional forms.

A-Lab, Statoil regional and international offices

This iconic building with its unconventional forms perfectly represents Scandinavian social values. Its design is intended to do the community a service while providing a private commercial building. And so A-Lab has redesigned the site of the former Oslo airport: five identical lamellar structures placed one above the other to minimise the amount of land taken up by the building, leaving plenty of room for a park on the breath-taking waterfront of Fornebu fjord.

The central atrium creates a plaza in which the building’s many different functions come together, covered by a high-tech glass structure like a “soap bubble”, the first of its kind in Scandinavia.

The scale of the indoor spaces is based on a modular structure allowing plenty of flexibility in organisation of the building’s functions. The building’s energy requirements are met by 85% renewable energy, and it minimises heat dispersion.

Name: Statoil regional and international offices
Location: Fornebu, Bærum, Norway
Completed: Autumn 2012
Total area: 117000 m2 (65500 m2 total office area + 51500 m2 underground parking)
Cost: NOK 1.5 billion / EUR 200 million
Architects: a-lab (Arkitekturlaboratoriet AS)
Interiors: a-lab (No) & Momentum Arkitekter (NO)
Landscape: Østengen og Bergo (NO) -concept & Rambøll Norge (NO) -detail

Images courtesy of a-lab, ph.Ivan Brodey, ph.Luis Fonseca.


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