Changing our footprint: Henning Larsen Architects sets an example

Henning Larsen Architects,

Berlin, Germany,


To celebrate Copenhagen as World Architecture Capital of 2023, the first European city to be granted this honour, Berlin’s Aedes Architecture Forum dedicates an exhibition to one of Denmark’s most important architectural studios: "Changing our Footprint - In dialogue with Henning Larsen, Copenhagen". The exhibition not only shows how Henning Larsen Architects address the environmental impact of their architectural projects, but invites visitors to participate in the dialogue and learn how we can change our footprint, in small but scalable steps.

Changing our footprint: Henning Larsen Architects sets an example

Concern about the ecological impact of buildings first emerged in architectural debate in the late 1970s, after which people gradually realised that all the stages involved in the life cycle of a building represent significant sources of pollution, from production of construction materials to conclusion of the building’s useful life cycle and disposal of demolition waste. In recent years, growing interest in sustainability, the growth of our population and our cities, and the climate crisis have forced us to become more aware of the need to reduce the environmental impact of all human actions, including construction of buildings. Projects permitting a healthy lifestyle and adoption of strategies permitting resilience on an urban scale are desired by communities and governments and put into practice by architectural studios such as Denmark’s Henning Larsen Architects. The studio’s working methods are the subject of the exhibition "Changing our Footprint - In dialogue with Henning Larsen, Copenhagen” at Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin.
Founded by architect Henning Larsen, who passed away in 2013, the studio that bears his name and continues his work is responsible for such emblematic projects as Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavik (2011), in collaboration with Olafur Eliasson, Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus (2014), Siemens Global Headquarters in Munich (2016), Eystur Town Hall in Eystur (2018) and, more recently, the Fritz Hansen pavilion (2022) created for 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen. In these architectural projects, the studio has challenged the conventions of design to promote a process encouraging the active participation and social cohesion of local communities, inspiring future generations of clients, producers, builders and architects to adopt a more responsible approach to construction. In these works, top-quality architecture goes hand in hand with the study of the physical and cultural context of the site, adapting to natural cycles and promoting biophilic design.
The exhibition open in Berlin until 22 March 2023 is not intended to supply a solution to the complex problem of the ecological impact of architecture, but to illustrate the processes that are under way and what steps we can take to change and reduce our impact on the environment. This intention is achieved by looking at built projects and ongoing research, learning from our mistakes and, above all, inviting everyone involved to participate in the discussion, inspiring them with concrete examples such as Henning Larsen’s architecture.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Exhibition Title: Changing our Footprint - In dialogue with Henning Larsen, Copenhagen
Exhibition: 4 February 2023 – 22 March 2023
Venue: Aedes Architecture Forum, Christinenstr. 18–19, 10119 Berlin
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 11am-6.30pm, Sun-Mon 1-5pm<


01 World of Volvo Construction site June 2022 photo © Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST
02 Kampung Admirality photo © Ramboll
03 Unboxing Carbon photo © Henning Larsen
04 - 05 Fritz Hansen Pavilion 2022 © Laura Stamer
06 3D printed rowhouse © Henning Larsen
07 Fælledby © Vivid Vision
08 Feldballe School 2022 © Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST
09 Frederiksbjerg School © Hufton+Crow
10 Havelwerke Spandau © Henning Larsen
11 KAB House © Laura Stamer
12 NEOMA Business School © Sora
13 Ørestad Church 2022 © Vivid Vision
14 Queensland University of Technology © Christopher Frederick Jones
15 Sundby School © Sora
16 Transformation of Uppsala Town Hall © Einar Aslaksen
17-25 Exhibition View_Changing Our Footprint - A Dialogue with Henning Larsen photo © Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk


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