Wood effect floor tiles for imagining new interiors

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The wood look porcelain floor tiles in Ariostea’s High-Tech Woods and High-Tech Innovative Slabs collection combine the most sophisticated technical performance of porcelain with the emotions that only natural wood can convey: warmth, strength and protection. The creativity in every project finds a natural dimension in indoor and outdoor flooring

Wood effect floor tiles for imagining new interiors

Imagining new ideas for indoor and outdoor flooring while stimulating interior designers’ imaginations to create exciting new spaces: this is the challenge faced by historic manufacturers of floor and wall coverings when working with contemporary architecture. Ariostea, one of Italy’s leading makers of high-tech porcelain tiles, applies the technology to the natural properties of stone.
In addition to environmental considerations, the company has invested a lot in creativity over the years, as revealed in its wide range of wood-like flooring materials.

In his famous essay on creativity, Edward De Bono wrote: “New ideas are the stuff of change and progress in any field from science to art, from politics to personal happiness”. The concept applies perfectly to wood-like floors from Ariostea’s high-tech series, which reproduce the look, feel and veins of natural wood with all the technical benefits of porcelain. Creative design is the strong point of porcelain surfaces: they have the visual impact of natural wood and the strength of stone, and not a single tree is cut down to make them. Thus the structure, visual perception and warmth of wood are reconciled with the strip design of the most precious natural parquet and the strength of today’s materials. In terms of performance, use of porcelain makes Ariostea’s solid tiles superior in resistance to deep scratching, water, heat and all the chemical agents that can damage the surface of wood with time.

In addition, and no less importantly, porcelain tiles that look like wood require no treatment before, during or after laying. Ariostea offers fully 19 different colours of Oak in its High-Tech Woods collection, to which the company has recently added itsInnovative High-Tech Wood Slabs in 3 varieties: White Oak, Petraea and Tropical in the large 150 cm size. These “vintage strips of oak” reflect the look and feel of the effects of time, sun and rain, translated into the oxidation and vibration of the wood for the most various uses as floor and wall coverings: an idea inspired by today's new uses of forms and materials, reinvented in new ways every day for today’s lifestyles.

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