Ultra Pietre Ariostea for classic and modern surface coverings and furnishings

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Simple and textural, Ariostea’s Ultra Pietre collection offers the perfect design solution for creating a total look for both indoor and outdoor use. Elegant, sober natural hues underlined by the large size of Ultra ceramic slabs, with the recent addition of Pietra Piasentina completing a vast range of versatile, cross-cutting proposals perfect for today’s trendiest surface coverings and furnishings

Ultra Pietre Ariostea for classic and modern surface coverings and furnishings
Stone-effect porcelain offers the innovative design of all today’s best ceramic products in a single material. 
Tradition and innovation are reinterpreted in the appearance of the ceramic slab, with colours, gradations of hue and graphic variations faithfully reproducing a great variety of stones that have traditionally been used in interior and exterior design.
Examples include pietra piasentina, limestone and basaltine, varieties of which are still used today with unchanged efficacy and versatility for both public places and spaces in the home.
These stones give off a sensation of natural warmth, strength and character on first sight. 
In them we can easily recognise the passage of time, the stratification of natural materials and the expression of the human touch through age-old handcrafting techniques.
Today’s reinterpretation of these stones makes them easy to match with numerous styles ranging from classic to minimalist, industrial and metropolitan.
Stone-effect high-tech ceramics give form to one of the most sought-after characteristics of contemporary design: the versatility of surfaces.
The timeless look of stone is now underlined by the presence of large sizes, the ceramic maxi-slabs preferred by today’s clients and architects, of which Ultra Ariostea is one of the world’s leading producers.
Ariostea’s products have always combined top performance with the beauty of nature, "Italian creative genius with constant attention to the environment, proposing aesthetic stimuli and emotions able to improve the finest quarry materials."
Going beyond their primary function as coverings, the materials in the Ultra Ariostea collections can also be used in a variety of ways in design and custom-made furnishings thanks to the outstanding technical and mechanical properties of porcelain maxi-slabs. In addition to covering curved surfaces, Ultra ceramic maxi-slabs can be used to create elements such as kitchen countertops, sinks, backsplashes, tabletops, cabinets and furnishings for indoor and outdoor use.
Ariostea’s avant-garde products reproduce natural geological processes with the primary elements of water, earth and fire. The result underlines the material’s power and aesthetic value, creating a catalogue of products, textures and colours including a variety of effects for indoor and outdoor use, centring around the Ultra Pietre collection.
Large size and reduced thickness are the principal technical features of this high-performing collection including 9 different neutral colours, all easily adaptable to suit a variety of tastes and practical requirements. 
The collection includes stones that "evoke the brutality and elegance of Limestone and effusive volcanic rocks with a variety of patterns and stratification hard to find in extraction rocks". 
The Ultra Pietre catalogue includes many different hues of Basaltine, from White to Moka, including "the darker and distinguishing magmatic stratifications of Anthracite".
Ariostea’s Ultra Pietre collection was recently expanded with the introduction of Pietra Piasentina.
Extremely well-known and widely used since Roman times, pietra piasentina is a stone that has been appreciated by sculptors and architects for centuries and is still widely used today for both ornamental purposes and construction of public spaces and homes. 
Strong and versatile, with a characteristic texture, Ariostea’s Pietra Piasentina is distinguished by "a grey background crossed by white veining and small areas of colour, tending to reddish brown”, with an extremely compact texture.
Available in the original 300x150 cm size with a Structured or Levigato Silk finish, the collection catalogue includes four different faces recalling the graphic variety present in nature.
On the whole, the aesthetic result favours faithful imitation and tactile performance, emphasising the unique colours of the stone that inspires the material, without overdoing the resulting effect.

Marco Privato


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