Ultra Crystal Quartz: new surfaces inspired by the mineral world

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Inspired by the beauty of minerals, the Ultra Crystal Quartz collection reinterprets the natural beauty of quartzes and crystals, with their original inclusions, changes of hue and refined stratification.
A precious, timeless form of expression, now applied to high-tech ceramic floors and walls and countless design solutions, including kitchen and bathroom countertops, tables, steps, console tables and curved surfaces, all made possible by the great versatility and light weight of Ultra maxi-slabs

Ultra Crystal Quartz: new surfaces inspired by the mineral world
Nature has always offered an endless source of inspiration for the world of design and architecture
In a process of continual observation, imitation and adaptation to the functions of daily living, technology draws inspiration primarily from the structures found in the world of animals and plants.
In aesthetic terms, in recent years we have seen a growing focus on the beauty of the mineral world. Expressed in a great variety of forms and colours, minerals are true works of art made by Nature, moulded over the course of millions of years.
Today it is not only gemstones that are acknowledged as being of great ornamental value, on the basis of the traditional criteria of purity and intensity of colour; interior architects’ attention has also been drawn to the textures of the most common minerals, an important source of inspiration for the design of high-tech ceramic surfaces, to take just one example.
Ceramic design in recent years has explored and improved all kinds of covering materials: from classic surfaces such as wood, stone and marble to original and unusual materials such as precious stones and minerals.
The reason for this is quite clear: the appearance of minerals is held in great esteem for its decorative and expressive value, as revealed by the crystallisations, inclusions and stratifications typical of these materials.
To this we may add the irregularity of their surfaces, creating effects of dynamism and depth permitting a continuum of overlapping colours. Thanks to this great variety of different effects, ceramic surfaces add beauty to both residential and commercial spaces, as well as facilities for hospitality and leisure.
Ariostea is an Iris Ceramica Group brand with a focus on aesthetic innovation in the world of ceramics, explored in every possible way in its numerous collections.
Ranging from traditional tiles to Ultra maxi-slabs, Ariostea surfaces expand on and elevate the concept of ceramic surface, going beyond ordinary surface coverings to propose truly innovative manufactures and installations, such as curved and backlit surfaces .
Ultra Ariostea offers the utmost in performance for interior design, offering a combination of light weight, resistance, customisation, easy installation and low maintenance. The result is a variety of surfaces and furnishings that are both beautiful and functional, such as tables, kitchen and bathroom countertops, washbasins, staircases, console tables, doors and ventilated façades.
Interesting new developments for interior design at the beginning of 2021 include Ariostea’s recent Ultra Crystal Quartz collection, including the new Quartz Brown, Grey, Rose and White surfaces in addition to the subtle hues of Crystal Dark, Grey and Sky.
These materials are appreciated for their delicate colour palette ranging from grey to powder blue, ideal for laying in a great variety of spaces and styles, in line with the trend toward neutral, delicate hues, particularly in vogue in recent years.
The new shades of Quartz further expand the range of colours with hues maintaining the same basic delicacy and neutrality (Grey and White) or adding a bolder identity and character (Brown  and Rose).
In addition to the aspect of colour, the entire collection stands out for the presence of crystallised areas and original inclusions adding depth to the surface.
In addition, in the new product lines inspired by the look of quartz, the variety of stratification stands out in a highly natural way. Lastly, the 300x150 cm size, the various sub-multiples available, the 6 mm thickness and the elegant Lucidato Shiny finish are additional elements that "merge to offer the consumer a product of great aesthetic appeal and versatile application".
Ultra Crystal Quartz is particularly recommended for floors and walls in residential, public and commercial spaces. Ultra maxi-slabs are also widely used in the creation of architectural and design features, making spaces unique with customised elements for total look solutions or playing with the effects of light and contrasts in furnishings.

Marco Privato