Ultra Ariostea: modern surfaces which are good for the environment


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Production of porcelain maxi-tiles in Ariostea’s Ultra range stands out for its low environmental impact right from the earliest phases of analysis and control of raw materials. Anti-pollutant qualities can be added with the anti-bacterial action of the new Active technology

Ultra Ariostea: modern surfaces which are good for the environment
To make the best indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings, leading makers of porcelain tiles are increasingly using production methods oriented towards customer service and protection of the environment.
Right from the earliest stages of production of porcelain tiles, analysis, extraction and processing of raw materials, the declared goal is maximum reduction of environmental impact.
In Ariostea’s plants, geologists and plant technicians study all the transformations of natural raw materials such as clay, feldspar, quartz and minerals to make new generation porcelain tiles.
These tiles, particularly those in the Ultra range presented in the gallery here, are characterised by chemical and physical inertia, are easy to clean and combine increasingly sophisticated aesthetic effects (including marble, stone, resin, and cement effects, among others) with increasingly practical use and maintenance.
Ariostea’s Ultra range stands out for:
  • - use of natural raw materials with a low environmental impact;
  • - production processes with high qualitative and environmental performance;
  • - reduced consumption of drinking water, waste and scrap during processing and optimal recycling of scrap;
  • - very low environmental impact when porcelain floors and walls are dismantled.
An additional action benefitting environmental sustainability results from use of new Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ technology permitting creation of unique anti-bacterial floor and wall coverings.
Digital application "improves the slabs’ photocatalytic performance with more efficient breakdown of air-borne pollution, odours and antibacterial action".
The combination of Active and Ultra technologies permits creation of an eco-active material for external walls which, under certain conditions, creates a self-cleaning surface for healthy indoor and outdoor environments, improving wellness and lengthening buildings’ lifespans.

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