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Ariostea’s Ultra full-body porcelain maxi-slabs combine the best possible technical performance with the latest new innovations in style, including the Iris Ceramica Group’s revolutionary DYS (Design Your Slabs) technology, a method for reproducing any kind of graphic or photographic image on Ariostea maxi-slabs to produce unique, original results

Ultra Ariostea maxi-slabs and DYS – Design Your Slabs
Porcelain surfaces have expanded the range of aesthetic and performance solutions available to architects and designers over the past few years. 
The outstanding structural properties of porcelain include non-absorbency, guaranteeing greater resistance than any other ceramic product on the market, while its expressive qualities include a wide range of effects reproducing natural materials (stone, wood, resins, cements) and increasingly bold, sophisticated decorative patterns capable of customising interiors and exteriors.
In addition to these widely recognised properties, increasingly sought in contemporary design, porcelain offers great versatility in terms of sizes and special pieces, as well as easy laying and maintenance: all aspects of primary importance guaranteeing unparalleled long-lasting performance.
One of the top brands in the Iris Ceramica Group, a world landmark in the production of full-body porcelain, Ariostea has been pioneering applications of cutting-edge technologies to beautiful high-tech ceramics for many years, starting with careful selection of natural raw materials. 
In its collections expanding the range of refined, exclusive effects, such as stone, resin, cement, marble and onyx, Ariostea’s Ultra maxi-slabs continue to explore the possibilities offered by large sizes.
Ariostea’s Ultra porcelain maxi-slabs for covering floors and walls, available in the 300x150 and 300x100 sizes covering a total surface area of up to 4.50 sqm, offer great flexibility and freedom of expression without any limitations caused by tile size or modularity.
Thus ceramic surfaces decorate interiors and exteriors with applications in design ranging from tables to kitchen and bathroom countertops, from sliding doors to curved and even backlit surfaces for use both indoors and out.
And, to complete a range of ceramics including materials of truly surprising variety and quality, Ariostea’s Ultra maxi-slabs permit use of the innovative DYS - Design Your Slabs on-demand decorating service.
DYS - Design Your Slabs
The Iris Ceramica Group’s DYS - Design Your Slabs system is the best decorative solution for giving concrete form to ideas of all shapes and sizes on ceramic maxi-slabs.div>
Surface decoration is all the rage these days thanks to techniques permitting use of chromatic effects and high-impact solutions that were unthinkable until only a few years ago.
DYS - Design Your Slabs is a versatile, complete decoration on demand service capable of reproducing any image, including complex graphics and illustrations of all kinds, on any ceramic surface, from the most traditional to the most innovative ceramics used in today’s designs.
A product of the Iris Ceramica Group’s research and experimentation, DYS - Design Your Slabs is an innovative service made possible by a new technology that defines every single aspect and every little detail of the surface. 
The benefits of use of the DYS system are:
  • maximum customisation of surfaces: use of DYS technology on Ariostea’s Ultra slabs permits creation of an exclusive, truly original product;
  • expansion of the possibilities for interior design: reproduction of any image or illustration, with no limits on the design of the ceramics or the client’s imagination, from optical effects to pop art, from photographs to geometric patterns and even inclusion of precious metals such as gold and silver. The technology brings new vitality to porcelain surfaces both indoors and out, not only in the home but in urban design of open-air public spaces and revitalisation of city neighbourhoods;
  • strength and durability: "DYS guarantees that colours will be resistant to UV rays, long-lasting, smog-proof, fire-proof and resistant to moss and mould". The aesthetic result is therefore long-lasting and resistant to the weather and pollutants.

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