SapienStone: superior quality full-body kitchen countertops

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The best ceramic slabs offer particularly advanced technological performance based on use of natural raw materials and processes. The result is highly resistant, non-absorbent, inalterable ceramic products offering the utmost performance in spaces such as the kitchen which are subject to frequent stress. 
Designed to improve our enjoyment of meal preparation, SapienStone countertops are practical, hygienic, easy to clean surfaces for the kitchen

SapienStone: superior quality full-body kitchen countertops
The aesthetic qualities of high-tech ceramics can be instantly recognised and appreciated thanks to their beauty and variety of surface textures, unrivalled in the ceramics industry.
Precious marbles, rare and exotic stones, different varieties of wood: these are only a few of the realistic effects that have put ceramic surfaces at the top of the coverings market in recent years.
While their aesthetic beauty is clear even to non-experts, these qualities are underlined by a combination of technical properties that make these materials truly unique.
The final slab is in fact the tangible result of technological processes reproducing what happens in nature, using the same elements and productive processes.
Clays, minerals, kaolins and feldspars account for almost all of the material’s initial composition, completed by colours of mineral origin.
Firing in the kiln at ultra-high temperatures produces a material which is homogeneous throughout its entire thickness, with veins running right through.
A number of natural aesthetic properties, such as the randomness and non-repetitiveness of the patterns, are thus faithfully reproduced.
What’s more, during the production process it is possible to check for and eliminate potential defects such as those found in natural materials, including cracks, pores, flaking, cavities and variations in hue.
We may therefore say that ceramic technology improves the performance of quarried materials, making them impermeable and therefore stronger, longer-lasting and more dependable.
In concrete terms, these qualities translate into a unique variety of applications, not only floor and wall coverings of various sizes and thicknesses
Fittings ranging from kitchen countertops to bathrooms, doors, steps and seats are only a few of the possible custom solutions that may be obtained taking advantage of the properties of ceramics.
Impermeability and resistance are even more evident in use of surfaces at high risk of wear, such as kitchens and outdoor spaces.

This is, for example, the case of SapienStone, the first porcelain brand designed specifically for kitchen countertops
At the top of the range when it comes to technical performance, SapienStone surfaces faithfully reproduce a great variety of textures for kitchens in all kinds of styles.
SapienStone ceramic slabs preserve all their original beauty despite day-to-day stress, sudden temperature excursions, the risk of scratching and cutting, contact with acidic elements and common chemical cleaning products. 
In addition to these properties, SapienStone worktops are practical and extremely hygienic: their non-absorbency permits direct contact with food.

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