SapienStone kitchen countertops: aesthetics and maximum practicality for every kitchen style

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Iris Ceramica Group’s technical ceramics offer an outstanding range of solutions for the design of kitchen surfaces. The SapienStone brand combines resistance, hygiene, inalterability and maximum efficiency, offering many different textures including stone, marble, cement effect and wood. Innovative solutions are available in various light and dark shades, allowing you to fully customize the look of your kitchen 

SapienStone kitchen countertops: aesthetics and maximum practicality for every kitchen style<br />
Choosing a kitchen countertop is one of the most crucial stages in designing the most frequently used room in any household.
This choice, which is extremely important when designing a kitchen, stems from several considerations that have to do with practical needs and aesthetic goals.
With regard to practical aspects, the most important one is the fact that the kitchen countertop is used daily and quite intensely. With this in mind, it is only natural to seek products and materials that stand out for their resistance, inalterability and hygiene.
Among the extensive range of kitchen countertop products, porcelain stoneware is undoubtedly the most resistant material.
It is resistant to all types of damage and wear (scratches, cuts, heat, deterioration, thermal shock, stress, contact with chemicals and acids) and does not affect the technical and aesthetic performance of this truly unique ceramic material.
The main reason why porcelain stoneware is so resistant – it is unrivalled in comparison to other products and compliant with all industry standards – lies in its almost zero water absorption.
This thermo-hygrometric characteristic ensures that the technical ceramic slab is absolutely compact and therefore very reliable in the long run. In fact, the lack of porosity prevents cracking, abrasion and degradation due to the repetition of certain conditions (for example, placing boiling hot containers on the kitchen countertop).
With more than half a century of experience in the production of high-end ceramic materials, Iris Ceramica Group is a world leader in the sector, operating in more than 100 countries where surfaces are laid for all types of living environments: from contract to wellness, but also public and residential buildings.
In order to meet the specific requirements of kitchens, Iris Ceramica Group has created the SapienStone brand, which is entirely dedicated to the production of porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops, for both residential and professional use, for example for restaurants and bars.
In addition to the quality of Iris Ceramica Group’s Made in Italy porcelain stoneware and its long-standing know-how, one of the main advantages of SapienStone countertops is the fact that the slabs are cut in a maxi format (320x150 cm) with reduced thickness (from 12 to 20 mm) so that kitchen countertops and tables can be tailored to your needs.
The SapienStone countertop also has a number of aesthetic properties, including the fact that it is full-bodied with a through vein. “This means that the veins that characterize the surface continue and are also visible in the thickness and corners of the countertop itself.”
The range of products of the SapienStone brand covers the main sector trends: in fact, multiple effects are available, including stone, cement and, of course, marble, to which the wood effect has recently been added in the Rovere Baio and Buskin varieties, as can be seen in the gallery.
This wood effect not only brings a sense of warmth to the entire room (along with the strength of porcelain stoneware) but also enhances its sensory qualities through a smooth feel, thanks to a light structure and specially developed glaze.
Various effects are available in the many collections, allowing you to choose your kitchen style from a wide range of colors.
In this way, you can imagine your ideal kitchen, from a practical, functional and aesthetic point of view.
Chromatic variety is one of the key aspects when choosing the ideal look for a kitchen: the use of shades of white and of dark or absolute black solutions create fascinating contrasts or combinations that allow you to fully express your creativity.
In terms of color, SapienStone porcelain stoneware also offers a number of structural advantages, since it does not change over time, thanks to its resistance to UV rays, acid products and corrosive agents.

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