SapienStone: the first brand of porcelain for kitchen countertops

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Today’s kitchens centre around the countertop: a surface combining beauty with practicality for everyday use. SapienStone, an Iris Ceramica Group brand, makes a hygienic, non-absorbent countertop that is resistant to heat, scratching and cleaning products. SapienStone’s colour palette goes with all classic and contemporary kitchen styles

SapienStone: the first brand of porcelain for kitchen countertops
The kitchen countertop is the surface we use every day when preparing food. When planning a kitchen that will respond to our everyday needs, we tend to focus on models and styles, cookers and appliances, furnishings and trim, as well as, of course, the materials used. But if the kitchen is the heart of the home, the countertop is really the heart of the kitchen: the true focus of our everyday actions and habits.
The countertop has always played a primary role, and it is more subject to wear through everyday use than any other part of the kitchen.
To make up for the most common problems (scratches, continual cleaning, constant maintenance of hygiene), the Iris Ceramica Group, always in the forefront of research and innovation in technical and aesthetic ceramics, has created SapienStone, the first brand specifically established to make porcelain kitchen countertops
SapienStone brings together all the widely recognised qualities of porcelain in a single product, not only design and aesthetics for the contemporary kitchen but also, and above all, practicality for everyday use and sustainability, always the keys to the Iris Ceramica Group’s mission.
Making the most of the properties of porcelain, SapienStone naturally takes care of kitchen countertop maintenance, offering outstanding resistance to heat, stains, light, chemicals and scratching. The material is the product of today’s most advanced technologies; as the name itself suggests, "intelligent stone" that "allows us to make the most of the kitchen".

The colour palette of SapienStone porcelain for kitchen countertops and furnishings includes the most popular colours, hues of white, beige, grey and black. 
All colours have "a natural finish that feels very delicate to the touch and goes perfectly with the other items in the kitchen," also available with a glossy or semi-gloss finish in some colours. There are two possible thicknesses, with different types of corner available for each thickness: the most popular is 1.2 cm, while the 2 cm thickness is recommended for countertops with a more incisive style.
The darkest colours are suitable for kitchens with a strong identity, expressing a bold, elegant personality: Dark Marquina, with its subtle white veins against a black background, reproducing the hues of one of Spain’s best-known marbles, Black Marquina.
Urban Antracite adds a modern touch in a sophisticated colour that goes with any decorating style. Basalt Black, representing volcanic rock, adds a particularly elegant touch. Bold, almost futuristic Malm Black is inspired by dark metal, creating a cutting-edge look available with a natural or semi-gloss finish.

Basalt and Malm Black are the two products chosen for an additional, innovative and possibly revolutionary step: a partnership between SapienStone and the built-in induction cooker made by TPB Top Parzelanik Barcelona ®, "a Spanish company which has become the first to integrate a new generation induction cooker with touch controls into the kitchen countertop".
This futuristic project combines the technical qualities of top-of-the-range SapienStone porcelain with TPB® technology permitting users to cook directly on the kitchen countertop. The result is a cooking area integrated into the work area, an uninterrupted surface on which people can cook, place dishes, utensils and food without problems, and prepare and work with food at the same time.

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