SapienStone: the best surfaces for the kitchen countertop in 2019 

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Porcelain is the best solution for surfaces for everyday use. The many applications of porcelain surfaces in design include SapienStone kitchen countertops, the perfect solution due to the non-absorbency, resistance and easy cleaning of the Iris Ceramica Group’s porcelain materials. Ideal for use in the kitchen, in the bathroom and as an outdoor countertop, SapienStone is a product that is carefully monitored at all stages in manufacture, available with a great variety of different colours and surface effects

SapienStone: the best surfaces for the kitchen countertop in 2019 
Porcelain is still the top choice among ceramic products on the market in 2019 for kitchen countertops as well as indoor and outdoor flooring, ventilated façades and surface coverings in every room in the home.
Its many technical and aesthetic properties make porcelain the ideal product for the kitchen worktop: the material’s recent technical and aesthetic evolution has permitted an increase in the range of design solutions for contemporary interiors.
The principal qualities of porcelain include non-absorbency, resistance to stains, high temperatures and stress, easy day-to-day cleaning and long-term inalterability
These are of course properties that make the material perfect for spaces in the home, such as kitchen and bathroom, which are constantly in contact with moisture, vapour and temperature variations.
SapienStone is a new brand drawing on a decade of experience of the Iris Ceramica Group, specifically focusing on kitchen countertops offering numerous benefits in both residential and professional use (in restaurants and bars).
SapienStone porcelain has a greater ability to resist scratches and blows than other materials on the market, and is made without coloured resins, paint or solvents, making it a hygienic surface containing no substances that could be considered harmful to the health.
This top-level performance is the product of more than 50 years of experience of the Iris Ceramica Group. The Group’s production includes "total control of the entire production process, from processing of raw materials to product packaging", with traceability of the entire production cycle. This total product control permits fulfilment of all pre- and post-sales steps, guaranteeing rapid responses and intervention.
With more than 150 raw materials, SapienStone makes a full-body final product characterised by uniform colour throughout the entire piece, making for an exclusive product with a bold identity. 
SapienStone also permits integration with an induction cooker, as it is the only brand on the market to supply induction cookers in the same colour as the kitchen countertop, creating an uninterrupted surface.
In aesthetic terms, SapienStone offers numerous colours and effects, in harmony with the most refined solutions for today’s interiors, perfect with today’s trendiest furnishings and decorating schemes: the colours most popular for kitchen countertops today are white, black and intermediate shades of grey.
SapienStone presents a number of varieties of grey in its catalogue, ranging from the marble effect to cement and steel: these include Pietra Grey, Urban Argento and Malm Grey, surfaces recommended to go with a great variety of decorating styles, including the minimalist and metropolitan looks.
Dark colours add a touch of elegance and contemporary design for a refined, evocative style in the kitchen: these are the solutions offered by the colours Basalt Black, Malm Black, and Urban Antracite.
Finally, whites represent one of Iris Ceramica’s most popular products, "acknowledged all over the world for the purity and quality of mineral raw materials of white colour"; examples include the Uni Ice and Calacatta Statuario marble countertops, among the most popular on the market today.

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