Resistant, hygienic, inalterable SapienStone Calacatta countertops play a starring role in the kitchen

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Calacatta is a bright, variegated surface that never goes out of style. The SapienStone kitchen countertop recalls this famous marble in high-performing designer furnishings combining exclusiveness with elegance. Chosen by the Scott brothers for the first episode of their new Celebrity IOU programme featuring Brad Pitt, SapienStone underlines and customises kitchens both large and small

Resistant, hygienic, inalterable SapienStone Calacatta countertops play a starring role in the kitchen
The kitchen is the room in the home where the most important new developments and key trends in home interiors appear. 
In the kitchen, aesthetic considerations need to take into account the practical requirements of food preparation, which must be the starting point for choosing the right kitchen furnishings.
The worktop and the central table are the surfaces most exposed to wear, the ones that are used every day. As they are in contact with food, boiling hot and freezing cold utensils, liquids and oils, the choice of the most resistant, long-lasting material is a very important step in ensuring a long-lasting kitchen.
The worktop must also be resistant to possible abrasion, scratching, blows, cuts, and other forms of stress that can occur in the kitchen.
Continual use of cleaning products is another possible source of damage and wear to countertops, tables and cupboards.
Anyone wishing to preserve their kitchen while making the most of its appearance with a refined look selected from among a vast catalogue of proposals will find what they are looking for in high-tech porcelain.
Porcelain is the most innovative ceramic solution in both technical and aesthetic terms.
In recent years the solution has been enriched with new proposals faithfully reproducing the principal covering materials, including various types of marble, stone, concrete and wood.
The Iris Ceramica Group (link), a world leader in the design and production of top quality Italian ceramics, has established the SapienStone brand (link), the world’s first brand concerned specifically with high-tech porcelain surfaces for kitchens in homes and restaurants.
Over the years SapienStone has managed to cut out an important niche for itself in the sector, beginning with the ultra-high quality of its basic materials: ceramic clays and mineral colours produced without use of coloured resins or protective varnishes.
The Iris Ceramica Group meets the strictest requirements for the resistance, hygiene and inalterability of porcelain, allowing customers to focus on their own tastes and requirements with a vast catalogue (link) and customisable solutions.
Customisation is in fact one of the key qualities of the SapienStone brand, whose philosophy may be summed up in the motto "Dress your Kitchen", identifying "a revolutionary product which is by nature born sapiens, that is, intelligent, evolved and high-tech. ". 
The great variety of marbles and stones (link) and complete range of textures and finishes (natural, glossy, semi-gloss) can easily be adapted to suit any interior decorating style, from minimalist to rustic and from classic to contemporary.
Among the vast range of marble surfaces (link), the Calacatta varieties never go out of style, enhancing light and spaces as shown in the photo gallery.
Classic Calacatta (link) and Calacatta Statuario (link) represent the epitome of marble surfaces, elegant, refined but never obvious with their combination of a warm white background and original veining: a contemporary surface, available with a natural or glossy finish.
The colder hues of Calacatta Light (link) are inspired by prestigious Italian marbles, with subtle grey veins traced across a bright white surface to add an exclusive touch of elegance.
Dynamic, bold new Macchia Vecchia (link) is an attention-grabbing artistic marble perfect not only for the home, but for bars and restaurants too. Calacatta Macchia Vecchia adds extra detail to spaces and combines ideally with furnishings in a great variety of colours.
Calacatta Statuario countertops were featured in the first episode of the new television programme Celebrity IOU aired on HGTV (link).
Along with Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt, brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott from the well-known programme "Property Brothers" renovated a free-standing garage for a friend and colleague who had been working with Pitt for thirty years, well-known Hollywood make-up artist Jean Black, converting the garage into a comfortable, modern, brightly lit home.

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