Porcelaingres: The new Great Metastone large size

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Colours inspired by stone cover ceramic surfaces for contemporary and traditional spaces. Porcelaingres adds the Great Metastone collection in the large 100x100 cm size to its range of ceramic materials: an entirely new structure based on cold colours that underlines the appearance of surfaces with delicate hues. Great Metastone gives the spaces we use every day a bold, original character drawing on the image of strength associated with stone

Porcelaingres: The new Great Metastone large size
In 2019 the design of ceramic surfaces continues to explore the range of possibilities offered by colour/strong> in the search for new visual and tactile solutions for everyday living. 
The spirit of contemporary design remains closely linked with the moods expressed by subtle basic hues with highly material qualities. Starting with background colours inspired by nature, high-tech ceramic tiles are increasingly brightened up solely by the warmth of their subtle textures.
Floors and wall coverings can be creatively mixed and matched with the bright colours of ethnic furnishings or the post-industrial and vintage styles which are still very popular on the market.
In this context centring around the simplicity of colour, ceramics inspired by the hues associated with the colours of stone and the earth still stand out. In addition to the evolution of all the many hues of black and white, beautiful high-tech ceramics are available in infinite shades of grey as well as various hues of brown, beige and sand.
The Iris Ceramica Group sets the standard for innovation in ceramics all over the world, drawing on experience gained over decades in the business. The company is constantly anticipating and enriching trends on the ceramic market with its technical innovations and surprising aesthetic effects, expanding the potential of contemporary architecture and interior design.
This is the case of the Porcelaingres brand, whose plants in Germany produce porcelain collections of the highest quality for a wide variety of new applications ranging from offices to commercial spaces and from ventilated façades to the vast world of residential architecture: from living rooms to bathrooms, and from kitchens to external cladding.
Drawing on the Iris Ceramica Group’s know-how and on the demands of contemporary design, Porcelaingres has recently inaugurated a new production line for maxi-slabs measuring 100x100 cm and only 6 mm thick.
The porcelain maxi-slab is the natural evolution of traditional ceramic tiles, applied to the new demands of the industry and clients’ requests. Porcelaingres maxi-slabs respond to the "demand for formal cleanliness on the part of architects, planners and designers" while permitting "greater freedom of expression and better aesthetic performance" than traditional sizes. 
These conceptual considerations are associated with important technical and functional benefits, including easy installation and maintenance.
The vast range of Porcelaingres collections includes the Stone line, dedicated to the expressive qualities of stone, along with the new Great Metastone collection expanding Porcelaingres’s range of large sizes.
The name Stone identifies the material the collection "reinterprets in a contemporary style, creating a structured surface with a wealth of detail". 
The name Metastone uses the prefix "mèta", from the Greek μετά, meaning change and transformation, one of the covering material’s outstanding qualities: the texture is in fact inspired “by the meeting of different surfaces which are superimposed like lightweight veils, permitting glimpses of the layer below to create a new kind of structure".
Composed of four basic colour variants, Black Demer, Grey Namur, Silver Mons, and White Bree, Great Metastone is available with a natural or polished finish.
Like all the best contemporary surface coverings, the basic colour palette follows the trend of drawing inspiration from the material qualities and bold character of today’s living spaces.
Great Metastone is a concept based on cold colours, adding the precious touch of exclusive tone-on-tone hues.
Great Metastone customises the surfaces of walls and floors in the three sizes proposed in the catalogue, 300x100 cm, 150x100 cm and the new 100x100cm size. 
Great Metastone suits all contemporary styles and is also an excellent solution for classic spaces, permitting combination and customisation with materials from the other collections in the Porcelaingres catalogue, such as quartzes, stones, woods and cements.

Marco Privato

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