Porcelain: the perfect surface for contemporary spaces


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GranitiFiandre offers a series of porcelain tile and maxi-tile collections with vast application potential, now available in original new colours to stimulate creativity and underline the qualities of any space and any contemporary decorating style

Porcelain: the perfect surface for contemporary spaces

When choosing the best floor and wall covering materials for the home, people are increasingly choosing products guaranteeing maximum application potential. The reason for this is clear: the interiors of today’s spaces rarely remain unaltered for long, in fact, aesthetic change is, paradoxically, the constant element in many projects, and sometimes a strict necessity.
The home is an expression of our personality and family, and we are constantly adapting it to suit our state of mind and relationships, so that the home changes faster than it used to and we accumulate, then hide, forget about and replace furniture and objects.
For this reason today’s floors and walls are often designed to adapt to change, and porcelain is the best long-term technical solution.

In its vast range of porcelain tile collections, GranitiFiandre offers a number of design solutions perfect for the variety of today’s spaces. 
These include the collections presented recently at Batimat in Paris 2015, the international showcase of innovation in construction and architecture, a key meeting-point for companies and professionals in the field: Fahrenheit, Premium White and Pietra Grey, in addition to the Woodsy collection of tiles that look like wood which we talked about recently.

Fahrenheit is a new "ultra-contemporary" collection based on a vast colour palette ranging from the warm, contemporary hues of Heat to the shades of grey in Frost and the sophisticated intermediate white of Cool. With a variety of different graduations in hue, the Fahrenheit line of porcelain tiles draws its visual power from colour, making porcelain into an elegant, enthralling product which may be adapted to suit a great variety of indoor and outdoor applications.
Perfect for residential and commercial spaces alike, Fahrenheit is available in a vast number of different sizes with semi-gloss and structured finishes: the former, characterised by “subtle straight marks on its surface creating an effect of refined sobriety” represents an excellent solution for indoor walls and floors and for application to external façades.
The structured version, on the other hand, presents a surface relief guaranteeing “the utmost adherence and safety on wet floors ” and can become an original decorative feature incorporated into any wall, with a composition creating an optical effect.

At Batimat, GranitiFiandre also unveiled 2 new colours to add to the Marmi Maximum range: Premium White and Pietra Grey, an ultra-thin porcelain tile only 6 mm thick in the innovative 300x150 cm maxi-tile format.
Premium White gives surfaces an unusual new sheen distinguished by soft silvery veins on a marble effect, for spaces characterised by elegance and sobriety.
Pietra Grey, in refined slate grey, is suitable for an even wider range of applications, with its "thin white veins" contributing to the establishment of overall harmony and adding to the value of any contemporary space. 
Both available in 5 different sizes and 2 finishes (glossy and semi-gloss), Premium White and Pietra Grey add to their potential applications by becoming possible bathroom accessories on tables and counters, sliding doors, mobile dividers, cabinets and seats.

Marco Privato


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