New developments in design in 2020: vintage and contemporary style in ceramic coverings



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In the rich colour palette of the new BeLike, Blaze and Freehand collections, Iris Ceramica offers a contemporary reinterpretation of vintage atmospheres in a refined variety of neutral and pastel hues. Original patterns and the freedom in laying schemes permitted by different sizes ensure that the collections are the ideal covering materials for residential and commercial spaces alike

New developments in design in 2020: vintage and contemporary style in ceramic coverings
The design trends in ceramic coverings for 2020 draw on a great variety of different sources of inspiration, in a form of aesthetic research in which the essential factor shared by all is creativity.
Numerous design elements permit combination of surface coverings with floors and furnishings, with the goal of creating increasingly customised, eclectic, attractive spaces.
The most important new elements are, as always, colours and finishes: high-tech ceramic coverings in 2020 continue to offer a fascinating, highly varied colour palette permitting versatile solutions which are never excessive or obvious. The great variety of ceramic surfaces featuring minimal variations or gradations of hue allows designers to follow one of the key trends in contemporary design, the combination of vintage and contemporary styles.
This original solution focuses on the attraction of colour contrasts and unexpected colour combinations, revealing the passage of time and an essential simplicity
The result is cosy, warm spaces, in a mix and match style where people feel perfectly at home, going back to the spirit of old-fashioned homes where all excess is avoided.
There is a strong focus on details, which, as they say, make all the difference: ramshackle surfaces with coverings that have a story to tell, time-worn materials evoking a romantic mood with an atmosphere halfway between old-fashioned and modern.
To these effects we may add many new patterns inspired by sophisticated craftsmanship, such as those featuring delicate floral motifs or subtle graphic designs.
In addition, a variety of modules and formats allow designers to put together their own walls as they wish, with perfectly free laying schemes.
Iris Ceramica, a world leader in ceramic covering materials, offers new semigres collections for creating spaces combining vintage and contemporary atmospheres.
Iris Ceramica’s many surface coverings make it easy to add personality to your home or place of business while allowing free choice of furnishings.
New collections from Iris Ceramica include the BeLike, Blaze and Freehand coverings.
These are covering materials which naturally reveal the personality of spaces such as the bathroom and the bedroom, with no need to follow a set of rules or strict stylistic schemes.
BeLike semigres coverings are available in a wide range of pastel colours with a glossy or matt finish.
The collection includes eight different shades, in warm hues (Cream, Peach, Sienna, Umber) and colder colours (Shell, Azure, Marine and QueenBlue). In addition to these subtle hues, BeLike stands out for its vast range of decorative pieces in the 20x20 cm size, "capable of interacting and combining with one another to create walls evoking distant, seductive atmospheres with an eastern flavour".
Examples include Patch, inspired by the ancient Japanese repair technique of kintsugi, in which broken fragments of ceramic are joined together with gold. 
Metaphorically speaking, the technique uses these “scars” to add to the value of materials, showing off their fragility and adding to their prestige, rather than attempting to hide the breaks.
This unusual pattern is perfect for creating spaces with a “shabby chic” look, and the expressive power of the entire BeLike collection lies "in the irregularity and variety of the individual elements of which it is composed", underlining the attraction of these compelling flaws. Here too, there is a clear reference to an aesthetic vision of oriental origin, wabi-sabi.
Blaze is a new Iris Ceramica collection presented in the classic 10x30 cm brick shape. Featuring a "graduated matt surface, Blaze is inspired by a neutral colour palette suggesting the hues of precious metals".
Blaze comes in 4 colours, Yellow, Pink, Avio and Grey, in combination with 4 different glossy patterned backgrounds. Its simple, linear motif and handcrafted flavour allows Blaze to give spaces a glamorous air, with its soft hues and sober backgrounds.
In FreeHand, Iris Ceramica directly addresses vintage style with a contemporary twist.
Here too, the colours are pastel hues, with tone-on-tone surfaces ranging from neutral White, Black and Grey to Green, Blue, Brown and Yellow versions.
The variations in colour on the surfaces add a sensation of depth to spaces, using faded hues with a lived-in look.
Freehand is accompanied by the Hand and Flor patterns, with "all the expressive immediacy of watercolour painting", in which forms are created using light brushstrokes that simply hint at motifs from nature, with delicate, never invasive colour combinations.

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