New Ariostea surfaces for classic and contemporary atmospheres

Marco Porpora Architetti,

Ariostea, Iris Ceramica Group, Cersaie,

Ariostea’s new collections, Fragmenta Full Body and Crystal, exude the charm of stones and minerals. The former has a more traditional format, the latter comes directly from the innovative Ultra technology, for a uniquely sophisticated and elegant result, combined with the technical performance of the finest high-end porcelain

New Ariostea surfaces for classic and contemporary atmospheres
The porcelain reproduces the aesthetics of the finest marbles, natural stones, concretes and now even minerals, with a series of elegant and versatile products expanding the offer of high-tech ceramic on the surfaces market.
The latest design solutions, including in the offers for 2020, observe the originality of the natural world and the classical tradition of wall and floor coverings, offering a colour palette - consisting almost entirely of soft shades - which can be easily applied in the most diverse of contexts, making for effortless pairings with personalised furnishings and styles.
Increasing the options open to creatives and lovers of the most innovative interior design trends, the latest offerings of application design of high-tech ceramic significantly expand the range available to us.
In addition to floors, walls and tables, it is now possible to create elements on demand such as steps, consoles, flower boxes, made-to-measure kitchen and bathroom worktops, shelves, sliding doors and walls, as evidenced in the rich catalogue of collections in the Ultra Ariostea range.
A landmark company in the international and Italian-made ceramics sector, the holding company Iris Ceramica Group, which boasts Ariostea as one of its leading brands, has always been at the forefront of seeking out new solutions and improving the quality of contemporary spaces
Decades of expertise that translates into products which combine the ultra-high performance of full-body porcelain with an aesthetic that fully embraces the design trends of the ceramics market.
Ariostea was one of the brands which featured in the 37th edition of Cersaie in Bologna, thanks to the highly theatrical exhibition space dubbed Loto Pavilion, designed by Marco Porpora Architetti architecture firm.
Inspired by the shape of a lotus flower floating on a pool of water, the Ariostea stand was keen to show off one of the main features of Ariostea maxi slabs, namely their curved surfaces.
This technical and mechanical ability, which is highly innovative and sophisticated for the sector, has allowed for the maxi slabs to bend in such a way as to echo the ancient yet timeless image of the lotus flower, through the “pavilion’s corolla of large porcelain petals which, as they opened, revealed the central area”.
The Ultra maxi slabs on the stand best echoed the precious marble finishes in the Capraia, Bianco Statuario and Dark Emperador varieties; the naturalness of the stones and, in a brand new addition to the collection, exquisite shine of minerals.
We are proud to present two new offerings from Ariostea in the gallery, namely Fragmenta Full Body and Crystal.
Produced in the traditional sizes of 120x60cm, 60x60cm and 60x30cm, a thickness of 10mm, and three different finishes - Soft, Polished and Structured - Fragmenta Full Body is a new collection inspired by the world of stone.
The structure of Fragmenta Full Body is compact and features “a grey-blue background peppered with irregularly-shaped pebbles and inclusions of various sizes for a tone-on-tone effect”.
In the two colour options offered, Grigio Luminoso and Nero Ombrato, the sophisticated shades which make up the slabs are arranged in a harmonious and elegant way, balancing blacks and whites and myriad subtle shades of grey, beige and brown.
As a result, Fragmenta Full Body not only “faithfully reproduces the tones and graphics of the stone material”, but also creates a versatile solution which can easily be adapted to the requirements of contemporary design, offering highly expressive solutions not just in the home, but also in public places and contract spaces.
The new Crystal collection, meanwhile, draws its inspiration from the fascinating world of minerals, in a palette featuring muted colours, namely Dark, Grey and Sky. Crystal’s texture is characterised by “the presence of crystallised areas and inclusions that lend the surface a certain depth, bringing out its natural stratifications”.
With an aesthetic that manages to combine the light tones of grey and blue in a balanced way, Crystal is further enhanced by its large 300x150mm size, with a minimal thickness of just 6mm and an elegant Lucidato Shiny finish.
A range with great appeal, Crystal’s main field of application lies in any contemporary spaces where a touch of elegance is an absolute must-have, something which emerges naturally from the details of the crystallised minerals, tricks of the light and reflections.

Marco Privato