Natural materials and traditional architecture: the timeless charm of the new Fiandre collections

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Expressive wealth is the common feature shared by the new ceramics from GranitiFiandre, surfaces perfect for residential, commercial and public projects alike. Roc de Bourgogne and Solida are now added to the Rock Salt Maximum, White Beauty and Grey Beauty maxi-slabs to bring new energy, wealth of detail and brightness to spaces. Inspired by natural materials and traditional architecture, Fiandre porcelain is confirmed as a unique, innovative creative laboratory for today’s architecture and interior design projects

Natural materials and traditional architecture: the timeless charm of the new Fiandre collections
High-tech porcelain surfaces fulfil a number of very important functions in today’s architectural projects. 
No longer considered mere covering materials, ceramic surfaces play a key role in spaces of all kinds, helping to create the desired atmosphere, conveying a sense of harmony, security or dynamism and dialoguing with furnishings, through harmony or contrast, to define the style of the home.
All this is made possible by the technology underlying today’s high-tech ceramic slabs, the result of decades of innovation and fine tuning. Any kind of surface can now be produced, with the addition of illustrations, decorations, graphic patterns and any other kind of image made possible by digital printing technology (link).
There are, however, two key factors stimulating designers’ imagination: natural materials and traditional architecture.
The natural materials that have covered human habitations over history can all be perfectly reproduced on ceramic slabs today: stone, marble, rock, cement, resin and wood.
Traditional architecture has developed and defined use of these materials in a great variety of ways in different countries, with different quarries and forms of craftsmanship. 
The performance of high-tech ceramic now overcomes many of the critical problems involved in working with and using these natural materials, such as cracking, abrasion, porosity, schistocity, dullness and changes in colour. 
The final ceramic product is therefore decidedly superior to the original quarried material, both technically and aesthetically, as clearly seen in GranitiFiandre’s vast product catalogue (link).
GranitiFiandre’s long tradition, begun in 1961, positions the brand among the world leaders on the market thanks to its ongoing research and innovation.
The most recent products presented here are inspired by very different materials, demonstrating the variability of the products proposed, while at the same time sharing the same bold visual impact capable of defining the identity and character of spaces for everyday living.
Roc de Bourgogne (link) is inspired by the famous stone from Burgundy, where numerous examples of application by local craftsmen may be found, still offering examples of unaltered beauty in the maisons and hôtels particuliers of Dijon.
Fiandre’s Roc de Bourgogne is a collection of textured materials perfectly reproducing the stone’s original texture on a high-tech surface perfect for refined indoor and outdoor spaces in classic modern or minimalist style. Available in three colours, Blanc, Beige and Gris, the collection is perfect for the contemporary trend toward neutral colours, in this case with the addition of a dynamic “cloud” effect reproducing varieties of the natural material.
From France we go to northern Europe for the Solida collection (link), inspired by the "primordial attraction of natural materials abounding in fossil particles and sediments" typical of the stones of northern Europe.
Lightness and elegance are the key features of a collection featuring a balanced colour palette, available in six different hues falling in between the extremes of White and Black. 
Two warm, natural, material hues of brown (Solida Nut and Brown) are offered, along with two shades of grey (Solida Grey and Anthracite) offering stability and harmony. 
Inclusion of particles and sediments gives these surfaces an original sophisticated texture. Extremely versatile and in line with today’s trends, Solida may be used on floors and walls in projects both large and small, from residential to commercial and public spaces.
From northern Europe to Asia and beyond: the big cubic crystals, contrasting colours and delicate transparency of Himalayan pink salt inspire Rock Salt Maximum (link).
This refined, highly detailed collection of maxi-slabs is particularly versatile, capable of adding energy and vitality to spaces of all kinds. 
The wealth of its irregular pattern, underlined by its glossy finish and large slab size, stands out against the brightly polished background colours White, Grey, Pink and Brown.
These new proposals are associated in the gallery with the attraction of two recent new implementations in the Maximum Marmi collection (link): White Beauty and Grey Beauty (link).
Inspired by "a refined white Chinese marble characterized by white, green, grey and black feldspars", White Beauty enhances atmospheres of all kinds, becoming the centre of attraction in the space.
The same expressive wealth is clear in the “unsaturated” version of the same marble effect, Grey Beauty: in this case with elegantly contrasting hues of white and grey. This sophisticated version is perfect for adding prestige to architectural elements and creating original items of furniture.

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