Maximum maxi-tiles: large porcelain tiles

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GranitiFiandre’s Maximum floor tiles explore the design potential of today’s surfaces with a performance based on strong, lightweight porcelain tiles. Maximum maxi-tiles are the biggest size available on the market for porcelain tiles (300x150x6 mm), underlining the visual continuity of residential and commercial spaces of all kinds.

Maximum maxi-tiles: large porcelain tiles

Strength, light weight, flexibility, ductility: these are only a few of the key features required of porcelain floor and wall tiles, the material best representing innovation in today’s surfaces.
One particularly interesting product of technological progress oriented towards increasingly sophisticated products offering amazing aesthetic effects is Maximum, a maxi floor and wall tile system designed by Fiandre which combines the traditional qualities of Fiandre porcelain with the new features of ultra-high performance.

A high-tech porcelain maxi-tile representing a milestone in design and technology, it comes in the largest size currently available on the large ceramic floor tiles market: 300x150mm, and is only 6 mm thick, weighing in at only 14 kg per m2.

These outstanding figures leave plenty of room for creativity and flexibility, as maxi-tiles significantly reduce the number of interruptions in the unit and ensure a uniform, homogeneous look (with positive effects, for instance in terms of light). The vast range of available sub-multiples ensures great versatility in use of Maximum maxi-tiles, which may be employed in residential, commercial, high traffic and transitional spaces.

Their very low thickness consumes less raw materials (2 to 3 times less than the usual standards for quarried materials), and cuts the amount of energy consumed in their production: a clear benefit to the environment, in addition to the product’s many favourable qualities.
Maximum’s possible applications were recently demonstrated in the new FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau showroom in Castellarano (RE), a multipurpose space measuring more than 1,000 square metres where Bertone Design (of designer and architect Aldo Cingolani) explores the potential of maxi-tiles in an unusual contemporary design concept.
The result is spaces displaying the potential uses of maxi-tiles to create elements of pure drama underlining the project’s unique style in a vast range of different settings, particularly bathrooms, wellness areas and living rooms.


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