Maximum Collections, potential of porcelain stoneware maxi tiles

Massimo Iosa Ghini,

Porcelain Tile,


Las plaquetas de grandes formatos Maximum de GranitiFiandre favorecen la luminosidad y la homogeneidad de los ambientes residenciales internos y externos, ampliando la imagen del espacio percibido y la creatividad de los diseñadores.

Maximum Collections, potential of porcelain stoneware maxi tiles

The large tiles (or maxi tiles) are one of the most innovative products on the cladding market.
Resistant, light, ductile and flexible, they represent a clear example of material having an important architectural impact, as they diminish the number of interruptions in the design unit, and ensure a uniform and homogeneous overall aspect.
To add to the many advantages of the maxi tiles we can also include the enhancement of space perception and environmental light, the ease of installing them, even over existing floors, less requirements and the maximum flexibility they provide for the designers.

All these advantages are clearly demonstrated in the  Maximum line by GranitiFiandre, sistema de plaquetas de gres porcelánico en formato 300x150 cm de grosor muy reducido, disponible en numerosos subformatos.
a system of 300x150 cm porcelain stoneware very fine tiles, available in several sub-formats.
The versatility of the Maximum line is clear in the several solutions offered: from curved buildings and external flooring on yachts, to ventilated façades, where the lightness of the Maximum line is paramount.
The potential of the maxi tiles has been explored by the different Maximum collections of GranitiFiandre: the gallery shows the Woodsy, Quietstones and Venus lines of porcelain stoneware tiles of the Aster collection. Woodsy  is the collection of wood effect porcelain stoneware tiles designed to recreate the warmth and the typical sensation of wood.
In the Pearl, Cream and Tobacco varieties, Woodsy is distinguished not only by its tone but also by veins, knots and details; thanks to the resistance and impermeability of porcelain stoneware, it is also perfect "in bathrooms and wellbeing areas, as well as in passageways". 

The Quietstones collection ischaracterised by the presence of a completely naturally structured surface and is pleasing both to the eye and to the touch.
Available in a thickness of 6 mm and in extra-large 300x100, 150x100 and 100x100 cm formats, Quietstones embodies GranitiFiandre's constant commitment to creating high performance products that are ecological and oriented towards a green architecture.
Its surface is characterised by an "effect that is surprisingly identical to that of products made according to the most cutting-edge manufacturing technologies in the stoneware industry".

Venus belongs to the Aster Maximum collection along with Uranus, Mercury and Moon, a line of stoneware porcelain tiles with an impressive variety of colours on offer, inspired by the brushed effect of concrete.
The Venus stoneware porcelain tiles were installed in a residential building in the midst of the captivating and charming natural surroundings of Salve, in the Salento territory, by architect
Massimo Iosa Ghini "a safe haven surrounded by countryside and nature, full of century-old olive trees and maritime pines, in a unique Mediterranean setting, in deep harmony with the surrounding landscape".
With its layout inspired by the manor farms of Salento, and fully respecting the existing vegetation, the house has a vast, six-metre living area merging, in a single room, the cooking and dining areas, large windows and, outside, a traditional stone building, known as a "pajara", working as a separate and relaxing area for guests.