Innovation, quality and sustainability: new sizes and colours for Ariostea’s Ultra Pietre collection

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The catalogue of Ultra Ariostea materials for floor and wall coverings and custom-made furnishings has been expanded with new surfaces inspired by the look of stone. While maintaining their elegance and technical performance for all uses, including renovation projects, Pietra di Vals, Cardoso and Crema Luna are intended for a great variety of spaces, exploiting the qualities of the new sustainable 270x120 and 120x120 cm sizes, designed to optimise production, transportation and installation

Innovation, quality and sustainability: new sizes and colours for Ariostea’s Ultra Pietre collection
High-tech ceramic is one of the most important covering materials for 2022, thanks to its technical and aesthetic performance
Extremely versatile, practical and lightweight, the high-tech ceramic slabs may be used indoors or outdoors to cover walls and floors and create custom-made furnishings
This variety of different applications is matched by few other materials in contemporary design, permitting creation, for example, of surfaces maintaining aesthetic continuity with one another, or evocative, unexpected combinations of materials in line with the latest new mix&match trends in interior design and architecture.
The materials’ most widely appreciated qualities definitely include the range of available sizes, offering designers plenty of creative flexibility.

Ultra Ariostea, a prominent brand on the international ceramics market, recently introduced the 270x120 and 120x120 cm slabs, adding to the already vast catalogue of different sizes. 
These new slabs are based on the standard sizes used in contemporary design in order to optimise processing and installation, reducing scrap on the construction site. 
This is a very important consideration in the green philosophy that has always distinguished the Iris Ceramica Group and its many brands, including Ariostea, a pioneer in the sustainable vision of materials for architecture with its zero emissions plants.
On the basis of these foundations, the new series of surface coverings in the 270x120 and 120x120 cm sizes adds to the range of ceramic maxi-slabs already available.
Their most important qualities include simplification of installation, as they are easier to transport, take upstairs and handle during the installation process.
The 270x120 cm slab size corresponds to the requirements for the height of living spaces, making it perfect as a wall covering in projects of all kinds. 
Ideally laid all the way up to the ceiling, this size eliminates cutting and scrap, as it corresponds to the standard room height of 270 cm. It is particularly recommended for renovation projects, as it "simplifies the refurbishment of floors and walls with no need to remove existing materials". 
Starting out with a basic, neutral colour palette, Ariostea recently expanded its Ultra Pietre catalogue with three more high-tech, high-performing materials: Pietra di Vals, Cardoso and Crema Luna.
These three highly practical materials are available with a textured finish and in the sizes 300x100, 100x100, and the new 270x120 and 120x120 slabs.
Pietra di Vals is a surface "in Mitteleuropean taste" recalling the rocks of the Alps with bold, irregular pale veining against a medium-grey background.
Drawing its inspiration from a famous stone in the Apuan Alps, the Cardoso collection stands out for its uniform dark ash-grey background with subtle white tone-on-tone veining.
Crema Luna is a brighter material in which irregular lighter inclusions and darker speckles stand out against a neutral beige background to create a highly contemporary atmosphere.
The three collections add to Ariostea’s vast Ultra range of stone effect surfaces, simply and elegantly fitting into a multitude of different spaces and atmospheres ranging from homes to wellness centres, offices and public facilities.

Marco Privato


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