Hotels: Porcelain in spaces for wellness and hospitality



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Staying in a hotel is a gratifying, original experience, thanks in part to the contribution made by porcelain: the perfect material for all indoor and outdoor surfaces, as demonstrated by GranitiFiandre’s numerous hotel projects over the years.

Hotels: Porcelain in spaces for wellness and hospitality

Staying in a hotel or other accommodations is always a very special part of travelling. For architects and designers, creating a space for hospitality means planning an experience that guests will remember, which goes beyond their greatest expectations.

This is why hotel architecture provides inspiration for design for many of today’s great architectural studios, which build or renovate hotels in dialogue and harmony with their natural environment.

GranitiFiandre’s production of porcelain tiles has always seen hotels as one of its most important outlets.

Specifically, the many spaces in hotels in which porcelain floor and wall tiles appear include halls and outdoor spaces adjacent to hotels, where guests are first received; restaurants, bars and spas inside hotels; lounge areas and bathrooms in hotel rooms; patios, corridors and passageways of all kinds.

These are "many places in a single place", united by the concepts of comfort, conviviality or intimacy.

Whether on holiday or travelling on business, a hotel is always a place to let yourself go, enjoying wellness and all the comforts of home.
Hotels with GranitiFiandre porcelain floor and wall tiles include the Zara and the Kempinski Corvinus in Budapest (Hungary); the Hotel Russia in St. Petersburg (link); the Berlin Park Vitosha in Sofia (Bulgaria); Dukley Gardens in Budva (Montenegro); the Cleveland Residence (USA); the JWC 2nd Avenue in Ginza (Japan); and Hotel Perren in Zermatt (Switzerland).

Different projects, different countries, but all of them share the same concept of hospitality and all of them chose porcelain as a material for covering surfaces capable of guaranteeing solidity, durability and easy cleaning. 

Porcelain tiles maintain their quality over time even with high traffic and high loads (due to the passage of people, mechanised vehicles, maintenance work) and the frequent cleaning and sanitation required in all hotel spaces.

In aesthetic terms, the many different ways that the original stone can be worked provide surprising light effects (as in the case of Marmo Giallo di Siena in the Berlin Park Vitosha), the delicate hues of Marmi Maximum - Precious Stones - Marmi Extreme (Dukley Gardens) or the sophisticated colour combinations of Rockwell White (Hotel Perren).

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