Ground and Downtown: new IRIS collections for contemporary spaces

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IRIS Ceramica was inspired by cement to create the Ground and Downtown porcelain tile collections, on view among the latest new design trends at Cersaie 2018. Using the neutrality of the principal building material as their starting point, the Ground and Downtown collections explore all the different hues, details and patterns that can exalt the material and space, making surfaces the key to today’s increasingly exclusive, refined and eclectic spaces

Ground and Downtown: new IRIS collections for contemporary spaces
Floors in contemporary style play a very important role among the new designs for 2019.
Ideal for the metropolitan style inspired by big lofts and industrial spaces, cement and resin effect porcelain floors reflect one of the trendiest moods in design in 2019.
A trend for surfaces that confirms its eclectic, cosmopolitan character, practical and easily matched with today’s trendiest furnishings and accessories, including everything in vintage style.
The key to the success of the cement effect for floor and wall coverings in contemporary style lies in the simplicity and formal cleanliness of this outstanding building material.
Cement effect porcelain comes in an infinite variety of different hues, details and patterns, making every single slab unique and ideal for use with today’s trendiest styles, especially all those inspired by the vintage look. 
It is clear from this year’s most important interior design shows that customisation and self-made design are becoming more and more popular; cement effect floors offer considerable potential for customisation, both in the home (especially in the living room, bathroom and kitchen) and in places of business both large and small.
The textured colour palette, references to an industrial chic past, and the elegance suggested by neutral hues are key aspects emerging out of the most innovative cement effect porcelain surfaces, such as Iris Ceramica’s new Ground and Downtown collections.
Presented at Cersaie 2018, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, Ground and Downtown draw on all the expressiveness and decorative minimalism of the classic 120x60, 60x60 and 30x60 cm sizes. 
The four colours of Ground - Sand, Ice, Mud and Dark – are also available "in a mosaic format to create a total look for walls and floors, in which modularity of design is the unrivalled focus".
In the Ground collection, the simplicity of cement translates into a colour palette including various neutral hues (from beige to anthracite) and interpreting the material’s multitude of hues.
The result is a product which is made exclusive by the uniqueness of every slab, while at the same time versatile enough to suit numerous possible applications and combine with various different materials. These include all today’s architectural trends, in which elegance and formal rigour go hand in hand with combinations of materials based on personal taste, effectively making every space unique and exclusive.
Downtown is available in four graduated hues, ranging from greys to browns, capable of "reinterpreting the relationship between materials and space with plenty of character, creating spaces custom designed for the people who live in them".
The collection’s vintage lived-in look is created with scratches and faded colours. By combining different sizes and contrasting colours, it is possible to multiply the compositional potential for application in different contexts. Starting with the simple material in its most neutral, basic form, Downtown reveals its innovative workmanship and refined aesthetic: cement effect surfaces become the key to residential and public spaces, such as restaurants and shops, characterising them with bold personality right from the first glance.

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