FMG flooring for outdoor spacing: all the advantages of Twenty and Twenty+

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With its collection of porcelain stoneware tiles “Twenty”, FMG enhances the surfaces of all outdoor spaces, making them resistant, inalterable, and easy to clean and install. With Twenty+, indoor and outdoor spaces can be brought together by a single surface, enhancing the depth of the perceived space

FMG flooring for outdoor spacing: all the advantages of Twenty and Twenty+
Porcelain stoneware is the most reliable and versatile product for outdoor flooring. It is perfect for a wide range of solutions and needs, such as pathways, entrances, outdoor stairways, balconies, terraces, arcades and swimming pool borders.
Porcelain stoneware tiles show high resistance to weather and temperature inversions, and they are also non-absorbent and slip resistant. These properties enhance the technical and aesthetic characteristics of technical porcelain stoneware, which is also free from the most common defects of other materials, such as cracks, porosity and chromatic alterations due to stains, moss and mould.
Porcelain stoneware is also easy to maintain and clean, and these are two essential aspects for outdoor materials, that allow to improve the liveability of outdoor environments.
Twenty and Twenty+ by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti are a flooring system made up of thick porcelain slabs designed for outdoor use that are specifically indicated for homes and public and wellness areas .
Twenty is a 60x60cm porcelain stoneware monolithic slab by FMG. It is "a single piece of shaped natural stone" which is 20 mm thick, a characteristic after which the entire collection is named. 
Twenty+, instead, is slightly thicker (21 mm) and is available on order. It is made up of two pieces of 10-mm technical ceramic joined together.
Both solutions have been designed for outdoor surfaces and may be installed in different ways, depending on the type of foundation.
Twenty can be installed in 5 different ways: dry installation on grass (1), gravel (2) or sand (3), raised installation (4), or installation with adhesive on screed (5).
Dry installation on grass, gravel or sand (methods 1, 2 and 3) is a quick and easy procedure requiring no particular substrates or adhesives. Replacement of individual tiles (due to alteration of the soil, to install irrigation or lighting systems or to replace cables or pipes) may be performed without the assistance of specialised personnel.
The raised installation (4) is a support structure allowing a cavity to be created under the slab to lodge pipes and cables. 
In the case of outdoor flooring, this installation allows to better drain water, to carry the irrigation systems directly to flower beds, and to install lights wherever it is necessary, creating original lighting systems.
The installation with adhesive on screed (5) is the best solution for driveways, cycle paths, pedestrian walkways and sidewalks, where tiles will be subject to greater traffic and mechanical stress.
The Twenty collection is available in five different natural and strongly materic colours: Quarzite Verde, Pietra Europa, Pietra del Friuli, Pietra di Modica and Pietra di Bolsena.
Twenty+ offers 32 different tiles, including tiles with marble effects, granites and natural stone. All of them are perfect for outdoor surfaces.
Such a wide range of available tiles allows to get the most of Twenty+’s "double slab":indeed, it allows an interior surface to be transformed into a slab that offers the same performance as a single-piece slab designed for the outdoors.
This solution is particularly appealing as it creates a continuity of surfaces between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Marco Privato