Floor and wall coverings for modern design: Sensible by Eiffelgres

Alberto Apostoli,

Verona, Italy,


Porcelain Tile, Stone,


Modern finishes creating effects that change when seen from different points of view for highly innovative, modern floor and wall surfaces. Porcelain tiles as they’ve never been seen before.

Floor and wall coverings for modern design: Sensible by Eiffelgres

Sensible is a collection of Eiffelgres porcelain tiles for indoor and outdoor use that stands out for its refined, delicate look, clearly the result of an innovative production process. Available with three surface finishes (Sign, Rise and Bush-hammered) and 6 colours (White, Cream, Red, Green, Grey and Black), Sensible is also one of the best-known and widely used high-tech porcelain tiles collections in the Eiffelgres range.

In a form of architecture that reflects the character of the place and, increasingly, the personal style of the people who live in and use spaces, the ability to choose colours and textures has become a key to contemporary design. Whether it is a design for a single room, an open space in a hotel or a retail project, surfaces help to define a personal style, an emotion to be conveyed, a particular relationship with clients.
So how can we take advantage of these relationships and make the best possible use of the potential of porcelain surfaces?
With combinations of different colours and textures, for example: fascinating solutions which stimulate designers’ creativity. A particular combination can intensify the sensation of warmth in rooms facing north (with warmer colours), or, to the contrary, attenuate the intensity of light by using colder colours in south-facing rooms.

Lighter coloured floors can alter the brightness and energy conveyed, as in the interior of a home designed by architect Rosalba Talletti in Naples where an “effect of contrasts” is achieved in the living room and the bathroom in combination with a darker floor made of natural Darkgrey Pietralavica stone.
Pearlgrey Pietralavica with the addition of a third type of porcelain tile, Pietra di Brera (link) was recently used in the sophisticated interiors of the Hotel Brenzone in Verona, designed by architect Alberto Apostoli. “Featuring subtle contrasts between fragility and power, moderation and excess, technology and nature”, Sensible tiles inherently contain combinations of different colours, porcelain tiles which enhance our perception of spaces. The variations in surfaces can underline the weave of different textures or eliminate them to create the impression of a single overall hue: the slightest change in the observer’s point of view and orientation can make the room look different, creating a new perception and experience of space.